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Learn about the Polycom EagleEye Director Camera


About the Polycom EagleEye Director Camera

This is the smartest camera in unified communications and brings together a breakthrough in the RealPresence® HD experience. Polycom EagleEye Director changes the face of group video communications by allowing close-up view of each person in an online conference, regardless of their location or number of people in the room. With its pan-tilt camera, fully zoomed autofocus, EagleEye Director can handle all the common issues that a videoconferencing can only see from the audience. but can not see the face of the speaker. With close-up zoom technology, everyone can see the facial expressions and read the delicate body language that allows for deeper engagement and more effective meetings.

 Actual photo EagleEye Director camera

With its intelligent software, 2 cameras and 7 built-in microphones, the Polycom EagleEye Director creates a tilt-shift, auto-zoom and seamless transition between active speaker and group in real time, because But participants can focus on their subject without having to manually operate the camera by remote control. Each time a voice is in the room, the EagleEye Director Camera Tracker will use a facial recognition algorithm to determine if the user is talking to other people in the room or to those on the other end of the line. The camera automatically zooms and locates the speakers according to the size.

The EagleEye Director Camera Trackeker can be used with any Polycom telepresence system for conference rooms, including with the entire Polycom HDX or Group Series.

 Online conference with Polycom EagleEye Director camera

Benefits of Polycom EagleEye Director

  • Make your meetings more efficient by automatically locating the speaker and by voice and face
  • Makes meetings more engaging for better information retention, speed of user acceptance, and faster ROI through maximum ease of use and high meeting interactions.
  • Quick and easy installation for any Polycom HDX or RealPresence Group Series, telepresence room system with a single camera to encrypt connection.
  • The versatile viewing capability uses both cameras with a direct cut from one person to another, allowing for preview of the meeting room before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Polycom Eagle Eye Director Online Camera:

Does the advanced technology conveyed by Polycom EagleEye Director have unprecedented value?

Yes! With powerful processing technology, EagleEye Director is ready to be used in conjunction with any Polycom® HDX® or Polycom® RealPresence®. Group telepresence and telepresence systems are simple to set up through a single cable connection. A seven-microphone array in the base of the unit allows EagleEye Director to accurately position the voice in a variety of room shapes and sizes, making it the ideal solution for large conference rooms, classrooms, or departments.

What does the Polycom EagleEye Director cover?

EagleEye Director facilities, power supply and cables required

- 2.200-82.559-xxx

EagleEye Director facility, power supply, necessary cables and an EagleEye III camera


EagleEye Director facility, power supply, necessary cables and two EagleEye III cameras

- 7.200-82.632-xxx

Which Polycom camera is compatible with Polycom EagleEye Director?

Only EagleEye ™ II & EagleEye ™ III are compatible

What kind of connections does the Polycom EagleEye Director have?

• 1 HDCI sound system output

• USB for local diagnostics and upgrades

• Stereo phoenix connector for remote audio control


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