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Why should you choose Polycom conferencing equipment?

Today, many companies and organizations in the country and abroad choose Polycom as their solution to connect remote workforce to enhance communication and collaboration. With Polycom TelePresence video conferencing equipment and voice solutions, people can face-to-face and collaborate from desktops, workrooms and meetings. Most small- or large-scale organizations are eager to work with Polycom on the basis of:

• Quickly get back your investment
• Cut down on time, costs, and carbon emissions
• Apply resources to enhance competition in the technology market

The Polycom Group 700 is the most powerful videoconferencing device in the Group, capable of upgrading to 8-point, 1080p Full HD 1080p video.
Polycom Group 500 is the ideal conferencing device for medium and large conferences, with more than 20 attendees and more, deployed by many businesses.
Polycom Group 310 - high-quality 2-point video conferencing solution for small meeting rooms, EagleEye IV technology camera, live video and audio.
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