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Bao An Telecom is a strategic partner of Polycom

♦ Polycom is a leading global telecommunications corporation, founded in 1990 in California, USA. Polycom specializes in providing remote communication solutions: audio conferencing, videoconferencing ...

Polycom is the world's leading distributor of video conferencing equipment. It is not surprising that the corporation has over 600 patents issued or pending approval and more than 15 million lines of code work on the portfolio of POLYCOM products. As the leading company in providing HD Ultimate products.

With the goal of face-to-face contact during meetings including listening (sound), seeing each other (images) and displaying content (data), POLYCOM makes the meeting It seems to happen right at the workplace of the business. The system helps to collaborate successfully, make quick decisions, shorten the chain of communication and improve products and services. The system supports every company and organization that succeeds in today's competitive global environment.

Bao An Telecom is the distributor of AVer video conferencing in Vietnam

♦ AVer Information was founded in 2008, focusing on the design, research and production of video conferencing equipment, surveillance cameras, and presentation equipment. AVer products are distributed globally in more than 100 countries.

Headquartered in Taiwan, AVer is committed to providing innovative and innovative solutions and products to customers around the world. AVer has offices in 17 countries in 4 continents: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and India, helping to serve the global customers best.

AVer currently has nearly 1000 employees worldwide, earning nearly 250 patents and is licensed.

AVer products focus on three areas:

- Videoconferencing System: AVer EVC100, EVC130, EVC130p, EVC150, EVC300, EVC350, EVC900, EVC950, VC520 ...

- Camera: IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, management software

- Documents Camera: Camera to show objects, related equipment show ...

Bao An Telecom is a partner of Lifesize

♦ Lifesize As part of Logitech, it is the first company to provide and develop high definition image communication products. Founded in 2003, LifeSize has taken the HD video conferencing technology to the next level with the first devices capable of delivering 1080p images at 30 frames per second and resolution. 720p resolution at 60 frames per second in the world.

LifeSize's unified communications solution connects people with excellent video and sound quality, brings a new videoconferencing experience, and a comprehensive and efficient work environment.

Compared to other major videoconferencing manufacturers around the world, to achieve HD 720p resolution at 30 frames per second, Lifesize just needs 768 Kbps of bandwidth as a preeminent advantage. High resolution video conferencing with low bandwidth.

In addition to the cost advantages of competing carriers, the strength of LifeSize is the ease of installation of connected devices. So LifeSize is often referred to as a "plug and play" system. One last notable point is that the LifeSize products are highly appreciated by professionals for their aesthetic design.

Bao An Telecom is a partner of Cisco

♦ Cisco was founded in 1984 by two computer scientists and became well-known in 1990. Cisco is known worldwide for its network.

With the development of Internet technology, the demand for Cisco products boomed and the company quickly dominated the Internet market. In 1997, this was the first year the company was in the top 500 list of companies in the United States by income. Accordingly, Cisco was selected in the top 5 largest companies in the index of return on total assets and profit on sales. Only two other companies, Intel and Microsoft, have achieved that.

In 2009, Cisco acquired Tandberg of Norway with $ 3.3 billion - one of the world's leading videoconferencing companies, marking a milestone for Cisco.

Bao An Telecom is a partner of Sony

♦ Sony - the leading electronics corporation in Japan is trusted by millions of Vietnamese. In recent years, Sony has thrived on mobile and digital audio. Standing in front of a fertile videoconferencing market, Sony did not hesitate to jump in.

With the advantage of big brands, advanced camera technology, Sony achieved much success in the field of video conferencing.

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