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Polycom Group 310 | Video conferencing equipment

Polycom Group 310 - high-quality 2-point video conferencing solution for small meeting rooms, EagleEye IV technology camera, live video and audio.

For a long time, the Polycom brand was chosen by many agencies and businesses around the world. Because of the high quality products, bring efficiency and a lot of benefits for the user. One of their most prominent models is the Polycom Group 310 - a high-quality video conferencing device for small meeting rooms.

 Polycom Group 310 video conferencing equipment

Polycom Group 310 is the better solution to reduce travel expenses for work but still ensure the ability to complete work quickly. Businesses now use videoconferencing wisely, not just for work but also for fairer competition in business and development.

Group310 is the right choice for small offices, meeting rooms or group work. The device is compact, delicate and ideal for small workspaces. With the ability to set up simple and fast configuration, creating the advantage for businesses.

Highlights of the Polycom Group 310

Full HD picture detail

 Polycom Group 310 for Full HD 1080p video resolution

This Polycom video conferencing device delivers Full HD 1080p resolution at an ultra-clear 60fps. Content can be sent and received at up to 1080p60 quality and can be easily shared via a direct HDMI connection or using the Polycom® People + ContentTM IP application. Polycom® SmartPairing ™ easily connects your mobile device to share and annotate content, making collaboration more intuitive and interactive.

HD audio quality

The Polycom Group310's high-definition polyphonic ringtones deliver breathtaking clarity and minimize background noise, ambient background noise.

EagleEye IV technology camera

 EagleEye IV technology camera from Polycom group310

In many smaller rooms, participants sit near the camera, which can make it difficult for people to be able to shoot or otherwise affect the image. The Polycom EagleEye IV features a powerful optical zoom and an optional wide-angle lens to overcome these challenges along with the 4k sensor that captures the details and superb image quality. There are two versions of EagleEye IV. One with a 4x zoom, the other a 12x zoom.

Polycom Group 310 video conferencing solution is designed for small rooms with a single display. However, the user can still connect to the second monitor by purchasing the activation license key. In addition, Polycom offers a graphical solution that allows users to make calls quickly without the need for technical support from Polycom ® Touch Control.

Collaborative solutions, working with Polycom, help broaden communication across the organization, work together better and better. Offering more benefits such as face-to-face television, save money and travel time, scalability and reliability. In recent years, businesses investing in video conferencing systems have reported that the Polycom brand is well-suited to their needs and delivers consistent earnings per year.


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