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Cisco video conferencing offers scalable and affordable conference solutions for organizations of all sizes. Simplify transfer and increase return on investment. Cisco is your new flexible deployment model.

Optimize video conferencing with Cisco

Smarter video user support on a multipoint conferencing infrastructure to better align with the way your organization operates. Even in very dynamic environments, with Cisco optimized video conferencing equipment, you can:

• Facilitate face-to-face collaboration on mobile devices from customers at an economical cost.

• Ability to adapt high-end video conferencing solutions.

• Support both planned and unscheduled conferences with a consistent enterprise-class user experience

Cisco Integrated Cloud Conferencing

Extend the scope of multi-point conferencing with the flexible consumption models provided by Cisco Powered Cloud Partners. Integrated Cloud Conferencing capabilities provide:

• Affordable virtual conference service and easy to use

• Flexible deployment and optimization of resources through multi-point video conferencing

Capturing and storing content and images is easy

Expand your investment using any Cisco TelePresence video conferencing device or standards-based endpoint device to record content and video stream. Your organization may:

• Improve relationships by sharing knowledge and communication over distances through live video or audio recording.

• Analyzes video views, comments, ratings, and more, to identify common content

• Enhance productivity by making videos available when and how the user wants it, reducing reliance on the device, location, or time.

The Cisco SX20 Quick Set Video conferencing solution has 1080p high resolution, dual camera options and dual display capabilities, easy to deploy and use.
The Cisco SX10 is a high-end conference conferencing device for small-scale meeting rooms. Allows use of iOS and Android devices for wireless SX10.
The Cisco EX60 video conferencing device delivers live video and still images with 1080p resolution, natural collaboration and a simple touch screen interface.
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