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Organizations in the Banking and Finance sector continue to face the challenge of providing high quality customer service while reducing input costs and increasing productivity. Financial services depend on making quick decisions, responding to market fluctuations, and constantly changing financial policies and regulations, while improving loyalty and Customer service.

IT managers around the world agree that the adoption of video conferencing has succeeded in addressing the many challenges in their organization.

The benefits that Videoconferencing brings to Banking:

  • Communicate more effectively between branch offices and financial centers.
  • Interviews or financial planning can be strengthened and shortened cycles
  • Managers can stay afloat, improve the quality of their staff without moving the whole family.
  • Performing many direct services for individual customers, corporate and corporate banking
  • Deliver important information and real-time policy changes to employees around the world

The Bank of America is one of the first to deploy videoconferencing with high quality video and live audio for meetings between bank employees. However, they recently went a step further by extending their use to interact with customers.

With this technology, the bank has made customers interact with mortgage specialists, financial advisors and small commercial banks while still at their home or office.

Videoconferencing breaks down geographic barriers, improves decision-making processes at the board level, facilitates multi-location training, and rebuilds trust with customers.

Bao An Telecom has professional technical staff and many years of experience in installing and providing services related to online meetings, we are confident to make your bank satisfied. For product price support, please contact the Hotline at 028.7107.7099 or 0918.132.458.

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