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About us

About Bao An Telecom

About Bao An Telecom

Bao An Telecommunications Technical Services Company Limited was established in May 2011. With many years of experience in the field of information technology - Telecom, Bao An Telecom is proud to be one of the leading companies in Vietnam. About system integration. We provide a full range of IT solutions including system integration consulting, customer management and solution, network infrastructure solutions, technology upgrades and product offerings. High-tech products such as sound system, video conferencing system, switchboard system, server, network system ... With professional organization structure, enthusiastic staff and good support. Most from manufacturers and partners.

In addition, Bao An Telecom always sets the target of quality to the top, including quality products, construction techniques and quality after-sales services such as warranty and maintenance. Therefore, our products are more and more businesses and organizations believe and choose.

Bao An Telecom wants to cooperate with your company. We believe Bao An Telecom's products and solutions will meet the needs and bring long-term benefits to your company.


 Human resources of Bao An TelecomFor Bao An Telecom, the problem of attracting and retaining good people is very important and a priority factor. Besides creating a friendly and professional working environment in order to maximize the creativity of employees, we also offer many training and promotion opportunities with clear salary and bonus policies. With the desire to build a young, dynamic and energetic Bao An Telecom, our company focuses on human development - a key and essential resource for all businesses, to build a team. long-term commitment and dedication.

Bao An Telecom is proud of 90% of its employees with university level or above. Customers can rest assured when coming to Bao An Telecom, because staff are trained and certified by major international organizations such as Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco, Tandberg, Axis, IBM ...


With the current pace of information technology development, in the next five years, Vietnam will become the leading market in the region for application and supply of technology-communication products. Understanding the trend of the times, Bao An Telecom Company policy to distribute strategic products, practical application and bring high economic efficiency for consumers.

With the desire to become a dominant company in the field of Information Technology and Communications, and the convergence of technological excellence in the Vietnamese market, our entire Bao An Telecom staffs are always Strive and strive hard to step by step conquer the set goals.


 Business field of Bao An Telecom

♦ Video conferencing

Videoconferencing is the leading field in the company's business. As a small business, we focus on maximizing the benefits and value of video conferencing solutions, providing businesses with the best video conferencing solutions.

♦ System integration

Along with the video conferencing solution, Bao An Telecom also wants to build a comprehensive solution for enterprises, providing customers with comprehensive services from consultancy in building information technology systems, providing equipment, installation and maintenance. Bao An Telecom today offers a wide range of IT solutions and systems for customers, businesses and service providers.

♦ Video conferencing
Besides, Bao An Telecom is presently providing solutions and video conferencing products of some famous brands such as AVer, KaTo ...


 Organizational structure of Bao An Telecom

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