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Repair Service

Your video conferencing equipment is broken and out of warranty period? Need to fix it fast to use for the upcoming meeting?

Bao An Telecom's video conferencing repair service will help you! We specialize in receiving, repairing, replacing components of conferencing equipment of AVer, Sony, Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize ...

Repair of equipment in place: system status check and direct quotation. In addition, we also provide video conferencing equipment for customers to use temporarily while waiting for warranty repair.

 Video conferencing repair service

When fixing video conferencing equipment, the problem often posed by customers is:

- After repairing, our equipment can continue to operate well, ensuring safety during use?

- What is the price of video conferencing equipment? Any additional fees?

- I need to correct quickly, can the time be shortened according to my requirements?

- After using the service, do I get warranty from the company?

Bao An Telecom's video conferencing service will answer you:

- We have years of experience in the repair and calibration of equipment.

- Technical staff trained by manufacturers and certified.

- The standard repair process ensures technical issues.

- Fast repair service, competitive price.

- No additional costs are incurred.

- Good after-sales service.

Repair process of video conferencing equipment in Bao An Telecom:

 Process of repairing video conferencing equipment in Bao An Telecom


Please contact Bao An Telecom about your repair needs even if your equipment is not provided by us. Hotline: 028.7107.7099

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