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Polycom Group 500 | Online conference device

Polycom Group 500 is the ideal conferencing device for medium and large conferences, with more than 20 attendees and more, deployed by many businesses.


Polycom Group 500 is the ideal conferencing device for medium and large conference rooms, with more than 20 attendees upwards, deployed by many business agencies.

Polycom Group 500 video conferencing equipment

From small meeting rooms to larger rooms equipped with dual monitors, this device ensures a robust video and audio transmission performance. Well-matched and fully interactive content, display and connectivity, enhances work efficiency wherever you are from the TV spots.

Polycom Group500 conferencing equipment is more prominent in the same model, with breakthrough design and luxury that is extremely compact, convenient for layout as well as most suitable for all spaces. meeting.

Today, conferencing offices are often equipped with dual monitors to ensure the best possible presentation. The Group 500 offers excellent two-monitor display, with outstanding image quality. This device ensures that everyone attending the conference can see and be seen clearly, no matter where they are in the meeting.

Highlights of the Polycom Group 500

Polycom Group500 supports image resolution up to Full HD 1080p

The Polycom Group500 supports image resolutions up to 1080p Full HD for four bridges and six 720p (license requests) speeds of 30 frames per second. Intuitive, detailed visuals bring a lot of benefits to businesses when doing a project. Special features in the Polycom video conferencing product line are high-definition zoom capabilities, ensuring no blurring or graininess.

The Polycom® EagleEye ™ IV camcorder offers excellent clarity, 12x or 4x zoom and optional wide-angle lens adapter, which makes it clear to people even in meetings.

The high quality audio feature allows the audio in the meeting to be clear, minimizing background noise and providing advanced echo modes. Keep everyone focused on the meeting and HD audio. Noises such as paper scratches, keyboard beats, pen sounds, etc. will be detected and minimized with a special mechanism that recognizes sound by operating frequency.

The Polycom Group 500 is more efficient in sharing documents and files, displaying slideshows and editing content in real time. Text, video can be played in parallel on the second screen at the same time, each party to the conference online is easy to see.

Group500 not only bring more efficiency in work, but also help businesses increase profitability, practical cost savings. Now employees or leaders can sit in the office and work, meet partners, collaborate and exchange information visually.

If you are in need of using Polycom video conferencing systems, please contact Bao An Telecom today. For the best advice and support, choose the most suitable, economical and high efficiency solution for your business.


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