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Sony is trusted by consumers for high quality products. With technology always evolving, this brand is also investing heavily in videoconferencing. Sony videoconferencing equipment is used extensively in state agencies.

Sony's High Definition (SD) video and high-definition visual interface (HD) communication delivers an unbelievable video, along with MPEG-4 AAC audio for your video conferencing experience. to a new height. With useful features such as multi-touch image communication, powerful QoS support, secure encryption, easy setup and intuitive operation, the PCS Series is an ideal visual communication tool. meet the needs of professional users.

Sony PCS-XG80 for full HD resolution, multi-point upgrade to 06-10 points. Brightface technology delivers clear picture quality even when the camera is backlit.
Sony PCS-XG55 enables the HD720p decompressor, supports 2-monitor output. Brightface technology delivers clear image quality except for the brightness.
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