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Sony PCS-XG55 | Bao An Telecom

Sony PCS-XG55 enables the HD720p decompressor, supports 2-monitor output. Brightface technology delivers clear image quality except for the brightness.


The easy-to-use Sony PCS-XG55 HD video conferencing solution delivers a streamlined solution for everyday business communication.

The compact system features high-definition cameras with Sony's new 'BrightFace' technology. You will enjoy crisp images in low light conditions, even in dim lighting. The excellent image quality is combined with clear echo-free stereo, so that all participants can be seen and understood better.

Sony PCS-XG55 HD video conferencing


The Sony PCS-XG55 includes: Video processor, PTZ camera and microphone, plus a cable to connect a video monitor, TV or display. Setup and operation are very simple. Remote controls are provided that allow for easy dialing of your contact list. Conference participants can share video and voice clarity along with presentations from your computer.

Highlights of the Sony PCS-XG55 video conferencing equipment

High quality HD images

Make each meeting more effective with natural high definition video up to 720p resolution. The dedicated PCSA-CXG80 camera (not included with the PCS-XG55S) features BrightFace Brightness Optimizer technology that brightens, shadows and dark areas so bright. You will enjoy a clear view of each speaker, even in the dimly lit conference room or with strong backlight. H.264 High Profile supports enhanced image quality, even when network bandwidth is limited.

 Sony pcs-xg55 HD quality

Excellent sound quality

The Sony PCS-XG55 makes the conference process more natural and lifelike with clear stereo sound. The built-in noise canceler makes speech even more natural and easy to acquire.

Natural video and data sharing

Send video, voice, and presentation data displayed on your computer to other video conferencing. With support for industry standards (ITU-T H.239), data can be sent at a frame rate as high as 30fps so presentation content looks natural - even when you are using the effects or video display on your computer.

Conference united and stable

Enjoy stable video, voice and data transmission with Quality of Service (QoS) functionality that ensures consistent data throughput while changing network bandwidth.

Very safe

This Sony video conferencing device supports 128-bit AES encryption ensuring secure, high-security video / audio conferencing with other compliant systems.

Easy to use with Video Annotation

Add a tabletop / pen interface option to sketch notes and highlight your point of view clear about sharing the presentation of the data.

Choice of multi-function display layout

Configures the display layout from a selection of display modes to display video and presentation data: Full Screen, Picture-in-Picture, Picture-and-Picture or Side-by-Side split screen.

Easy to set up and operate

Enjoy simple operation and control with attractive, intuitive onscreen interface with Sony PCS-XG55 device.

One-touch dialing

Enjoy the convenience and speed of one-touch dialing with the newly designed remote control unit without having to be directed to the system. Just browse and select from any thumbnail up to 1000 contacts stored: up to four frequently-accessed contacts that can be displayed on the home screen.

Simple connection

The supplied HDMI cable allows easy connection to any monitor equipped with HDMI, TV or display. Audio and video are all routed through a single connection, minimizing set-ups and cluttered cables.

Compact, stylish design

Easy installation, fast, PCS-XG55 smartly integrated neatly into any meeting room, small or medium meeting.

Sony PCS-XG55 Connection Diagram

 Sony PCS-XG55 Connection Diagram


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