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Sony PCS-XG80 | Bao An Telecom

Sony PCS-XG80 for full HD resolution, multi-point upgrade to 06-10 points. Brightface technology delivers clear picture quality even when the camera is backlit.


Sony PCS-XG80 is a high-end video conferencing solution from Sony. Allows resolution up to full HD 1080p, multi-point control up to 06 points and up to 10 points. With the Brightface technology, the PCS XG80 delivers clear picture quality even when the camera is backlit, while the built-in Voice Activated Swiching mode automatically displays the large screen in place. The XG80 also supports recording of meetings via memory card. XG80 is the best solution for online meeting needs from 5 to 6 HD points.

 Videoconferencing with sony pcs-xg80

Two years ago, we introduced Sony's first high definition IPELA communication system, the PCS-HG90. Now we are pleased to introduce the new generation of IPELA High Definition Visual Communications System, PCS-XG80. This industry-leading system delivers 1080i HD resolution at a reasonable price, allowing up to six real-time collaboration.

As the display and screen size become larger, the image size is also enlarged, which is why high-definition online conferencing systems are very important. High resolution images provide up to four times more detail than standard images, providing real-life detail and depth and depth to the visual experience.

With Sony's legacy of innovative HD technology, we've created a complete HD media engine with live images and natural stereo sound. The Sony PCS-XG80 is a powerful, powerful system in a compact codec that is ideal for business applications requiring real-time communications at a higher level of HD performance.

In addition to providing real HD 1080i performance, the PCS-XG80 offers some exciting new features such as BrightFace ™ technology, dual streaming from video and PC power, friendly setup, an electronic ball pen optional third party) for natural data sharing and SD compatibility - these unique features make it easy to convene natural HD video without effort.

 Sony PCS-XG80 Brightface technology

With the PCS-XG80 HD video conferencing system, you can now own "HD Affordable" from the company that pioneered HD. High resolution. It is in our DNA.

Features Sony PCS-XG80:

  • Full HD 1080p video resolution
  • Ability to upgrade multiple points to 06 points and 10 points
  • Brightface technology produces clear images when the camera is inverted
  • Voice Active allows you to zoom in on the speaking bridge
  • Support to export 02 monitors
  • Integrated data sharing
  • H.264 High Profile compression takes less bandwidth
  • Save meeting content to memory card

Connection diagram of Sony PCS XG80

 Connection diagram of Sony PCS XG80

The Sony PCS XG80 system includes:

  • Sony PCS XG80 Codec
  • PTZ camera
  • 2 multi-directional microphone
  • Remote controller
  • Cable


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