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What is multipoint control unit (MCU)? Requirements and prices for MCU

In multipoint video conferencing, it is usually used a device called MCU. However, many people are still confused as to what MCU means? What is the price and when do I need it? The following article we will answer your questions!

What is an MCU device?

MCU (multipoint control unit) is a  type of video conferencing hardware, used to connect multiple video conferencing points simultaneously. MCU is a product that conforms to H.323 and SIP protocols, supports point-to-point / multi-point video conferencing equipment or software.

Mechanism of operation of the MCU: during the call, the points will send audio and video streams to the MCU, the MCU receives all the streams, encodes and mixes into a unified stream, then sends the combined stream to the parties involved.

Mechanism of operation of the MCU

When to use the MCU?

Multipoint control unit is used when your video conferencing devices do not support multiple points or you need to connect a large number of points, beyond the system's multi-point capabilities (over 16 points). MCU will help businesses take advantage of their current point-to-point video conferencing system.

MCU is ideal for businesses that need videoconferencing calls with the best quality, high security. And it is important that a central device is needed to control the remaining points. Eg:

- Set up meeting schedule, create many different types of conferences:

  • Peer conference:

The participating units may organize conferences on a par with each other, in which no point serves the point of chairing the conference.

  • Many groups meet simultaneously:

Far-field units can register with the center to set up conferences / briefings with a number of other points. The watch team has the right to conduct simultaneous briefings (add / remove a unit to the conference or transfer from one conference to another ...)

- Turn on / off each point sound, customize the display mode on the screen (up to 24 layout types), control the camera of any point ...

Installation requirements in MCU video conferencing model

Central point (where the MCU is located):

- Video conferencing equipment: Point-to-point / multi-point equipment depending on demand

- Screen: depending on the number of connection points and room size, select the appropriate screen. We recommend that you use a large screen to display images in the best way. You can refer to some suggestions:

  • Small room: 1 55 inch TV or projection screen
  • Large rooms: use 2-3 TVs or screens + televisions
  • Also you can use the video wall to create the size you want.

- Internet connection: the central point needs a high speed connection (it is recommended to use 100mb or separate leaseline, megawan for internal running ...)

MCU video conferencing model for Ba Ria - Vung Tau 

MCU video conferencing model for Ba Ria - Vung Tau 

Branch points

- Video conferencing equipment: Point-to-point / multi-point equipment or software

- Screen: television or projection screen

- Internet connection: requires at least 1MB

MCU video conferencing model for branch points

MCU video conferencing model for branch points

Brand and cost for the MCU

Along with quality is also a high price for the Multipoint control unit, many businesses are afraid. So if you only need multi-point meeting in a short time, we recommend you to use MCU multi-point controller rental service, only 1,000,000VND / month / point and you will be supported. Better price when renting many points.

Besides, we also recommend you two good-priced MCU brand brands worth consulting:

  • MCU Orion HMP: supports 64 HD points
  • MCU AVer: supports 12 HD points

*** Both companies can upgrade the number of points they want by buying additional licenses.

Some frequently asked questions about MCU:

Is MCU compatible with video conferencing equipment from multiple vendors / brands?

⇒ You do not need to worry about this! MCU equipment is compatible with standard video conferencing equipment of different manufacturers (based on common standard H.323 / ITU-T) Common vendors such as AVer, Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco, LifeSize and Sony can all connect to the MCU.

MCU device compatibility

Can MCU work with mobile devices like phones, laptops, desktops?

⇒ Individuals who want to join the conference can use video conferencing software on computers or mobile device applications compatible with H.323 conference. We recommend using Polycom RealPresence.

Can it be expanded quickly to accommodate a large number of conference venues when businesses require it?

⇒ MCU multi-point control device allows unlimited expansion of points by adding hardware and upgrading software licenses.

Can MCU activate existing features of enterprise video conferencing systems such as sharing presentations / documents, along with videos?

⇒ Yes! MCU allows sharing data in different ways: directly via VGA port or via IP / Ethernet. The layout adjustment feature allows you to select the display mode when you are showing it so that the points remain


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