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Introduced the free video conferencing software AVer EZMeetup

AVer EZMeetup free video conferencing software

Bao An Telecom is pleased to introduce new software / applications from AVer, EZMeetup - This powerful mobile software for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

EZMeetup video conferencing software is a practical collaborative program specifically designed for multi-point AVer videoconferencing systems. It allows users to extend video conferencing from traditional conference rooms to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As SIP servers, AVer multipoints can allow 3-9 EZMeetup users to register and communicate with each other. Users will enjoy clear images and sound, ensuring that important people can enjoy high quality video conferencing wherever they are.

It can be seen that this application is very easy to use for online meeting equipment, with an excellent layout that supports clear video conferencing even on smaller devices, ensuring that there is no problem. As long as the users are there, they can still connect to those important calls easily. This great app allows users to be more flexible with their schedules and no longer have to spend days in the office.

AVer EZMeetup - Free app for iOS and Android devices 

Download the free EZMeetup app from Apple's App Store and Google, allowing you to experience connectivity anywhere and everywhere on your iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone and desktop. table. With EZMeetup you will always achieve your goals wherever you are.

30 days free trial version license for PC

Install and activate EZMeetup on Windows® and Mac® OS desktops, laptops or tablets, and free yourself from the conference room. Use your computer to meet business partners, and make easy decisions through EZMeetup.

Simple user interface

User interface of AVer EZMeetup video conferencing software

Ease is the core concept behind EZMeetup, with the aim of bringing convenience and quality to mobile users. The EZMeetup interface is linked to the motion of your thumb, so you can easily make calls with just one touch on your iOS or Android devices. In addition, all features are accessible within two layers of the interface, making it very easy for the user to navigate. Furthermore, the flat design of icons and messages makes the system more intuitive.

Share content effectively

The free video conferencing software AVer EZMeetup can share content easily and efficiently

In addition to being able to live via video, EZMeetup can also receive and share content from AVer's video conferencing systems. Users can share PC / laptop desktops, presentations, or applications on smartphones and tablets, creating a collaborative communication solution that values ​​collaboration and wherever they are.

Minimum requirements of the app:

- Android V5.0 and above.
- EVC300 / EVC350 / EVC900 / EVC950 firmware must be on v00.10.08.17


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