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Sale 30% for online teaching solutions

Online teaching is the first choice in the context of long-lasting and complicated COVID-19 epidemic. To assist teachers to better convey their knowledge, Bao An Telecom will apply a special 30% discount on all online teaching solutions that we offer.

If you are a speaker, lecturer, or online teacher, surely you want to convey the best image and sound quality to students during the class. To do that of course indispensable assistive technology devices. The following article will teach teachers how to set up an effective online classroom.

Sale 30% for online teaching solutions only at Bao An Telecom

Which camera is best for teaching online?

The most important and indispensable device when teaching online is Camera to record live images. For teachers, using a computer's webcam is not enough, it will be limited both in visibility and video quality. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in additional peripherals such as USB online meeting cameras.

Understanding the need for low-cost cameras for online teaching, we have compiled a list of good quality low-cost USB cameras that make it easier for teachers to invest. Especially to Bao An Telecom, teachers will receive a 30% discount for all cameras for online teaching:

IVC - T910

IVC - T910 online teaching camera

  • 10x optical zoom
  • 72 ° viewing angle
  • Resolution 1080P30fps
  • Used with Jabra mic
  • 1 year warranty


PUS-U51VC-KIT online teaching camera

  • 10x optical zoom
  • 72 ° viewing angle
  • Resolution 1080P30fps
  • Loudspeaker volume reaches 95dB, digital adjustment for 16 levels
  • 1 year warranty

AVer VC520 +

AVer VC520 + online teaching camera

  • Full HD1080p resolution
  • 18x zoom camera, 82 degree viewing angle
  • Speaker Phone integrated omnidirectional microphone For loud sound and good sound filtering.
  • 02 year warranty 

AVer VB342 + for tracking needs

AVer VB342 + online teaching camera

  • Equipped with advanced features SmartFrame, SmartSpeaker, True WDR
  • AVer SmartFrame automatically adjusts the camera, capturing the image of everyone
  • SmartSpeaker with high sensitivity helps identify the speaker immediately, in addition to cutting noise to enlarge the speaker's voice
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) controls natural brightness and intelligently processes light to help provide clear images
  • 120 degree FOV, rotating lens for wider viewing angles than ever before
  • 2 year warranty

See detailed features of each type at:


The conference cameras are very simple to use: just plug in the USB port and experience. The conference camera we provide is compatible with today's popular online meeting software such as zoom, skype, microsoft Team, cisco webex, google hangouts, trueconf, gotomeeting….

In addition to setting up a complete online teaching system at home, teachers need to equip themselves with the following equipment:


The equipment needed for online teaching

1. Computer

The first device a teacher needs is a computer, be it a desktop computer or a laptop computer (the stronger the configuration, the faster the processing speed will be good). for faster audio and video)

2. Internet

Internet is an essential requirement, teachers should use fiber optic Internet package with high speed. This will help the image and sound transmit faster, clearer and less delay.

3. Camera 

(Refer to the online teaching camera products above)

4. Online teaching software

Software support for connecting, organizing online classes, managing students, organizing examinations, ...

See the best software for online teaching at:

If teachers are in need of an online teaching system for their students, please contact Bao An Telecom! The solution we provide with all features for online classes such as:

- Adjust Camera and Micro

- Share data, slide shows, videos

- Interaction with students

- Raise your hand, Chat 1-1 or 1 - many,

- Direct online writing board: Draw, Write, Save

- Save the lesson for students to review


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