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AVer Video Conferencing Solutions

Are you looking for the best video conferencing solution for your business?

Which solution is both professional, effective and cost effective?

AVer is a factor that you can not ignore.

With its simple, compact design, thoughtful service, and unique features, AVer has helped businesses make their dreams of high-quality video conferencing, good to be true.

AVer offers a wide variety of consumer models from single point to multipoint. All of AVer's systems use H.323 and SIP protocols, so users can be assured that they are compatible with most other video conferencing equipment.

Here are some solutions using AVer videoconferencing equipment for your reference:

AVer video conferencing solution single point

The AVer Point Conferencing Solution is a two point solution that includes the central point of the company headquarters and 1 point deployed at the branch.

Solution model:

AVer video conferencing solution connects two points

According to the above model, users should equip:

  • 2 sets of video conferencing equipment for 2 bridge points
  • At each point, there should be at least 1024Kbps internet connection
  • Display: TV / projector

Proposed equipment

AVer EVC130P

Videoconferencing Equipment AVer EVC130P

Salient features:

  • Full HD 1080P resolution
  • Camera zoom 16X Optical
  • Share HD data from your computer
  • Support for slideshows on 2 monitors
  • Archive the whole meeting
  • Configuration and remote control via the web
  • Microphone technology removes noise, minimizes noise
  • Optimize bandwidth
  • Warranty 02 years
  • Customers can also refer to the terminal conferencing equipment such as AVer EVC130, AVer EVC150.

Multipoint AVER Video Conferencing Solutions
Multi-point video conferencing services for large companies with multiple branches need to connect from 3 points or more. The advantage of this solution is that it can be used in conjunction with online meeting software that allows users to access anytime, anywhere.

Model solution

Multipoint AVER Video Conferencing Solutions

According to the above model, it should equip:

  • At the center: 01 set of Full HD multi-point video conferencing.
  • At branch offices: dedicated video conferencing equipment / terminal software / meeting software on laptops, tablets, telephones.
  • Do not transmit internet: the branch point is at least 1024Kbps, the central point must meet the total transmission line of the aggregate points.
  • Display: TV / projector
  • Some additional equipment meeting the requirements of meeting rooms: speakers, mic ...

Proposed equipment

AVer multi-point video conferencing equipment suits the needs:

Multipoint video conferencing equipment

  • Connections 3-10 points: AVer EVC300, AVer EVC350 (in case of 4 points need to upgrade the license for the device)
  • Connect 10 points: AVer EVC900, AVer EVC950
  • Connects 16 points: AVer SVC100, AVer SVC500
  • In case of more bridge points, MCU multi-point management equipment should be equipped

Mobile video conferencing software:

Encourage users to use free AVer EZMeetup free software from Appstore, CH Play

AVer video conferencing software for mobile devices

Salient features:

  • Supports Windows, iOS, Android
  • SIP protocol connection
  • Supports VGA resolution (640x480), CIF
  • Allows connection on the external network using wifi, 3G with bandwidth of only 256 Kbps
  • Share data online
  • Simple configuration, easy to use

Here are some solutions using AVer video conferencing equipment. In addition, Bao An Telecom receives cheap video conferencing solutions for each customer's needs. For more information please contact Hotline: 028.7107.7099 - 0918.132.458


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