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Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions

Why You Should Choose Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions?

  • Prestigious brand in the US
  • The design of Polycom's high-tech, simple and elegant equipment should match many different spaces.
  • High quality equipment, bringing sharp images, true sound
  • Supports both IP and ISDN platforms.
  • Wide range of products, from Endpoint to MCU.
  • The ability to connect well to the audio system hall and other systems.
  • Ownership of audio interference filter technology.
  • Good warranty service

Are there Polycom video conferencing equipment?

Polycom offers high-end solutions including the Polycom Group series; EndPoint HDX series; MCX series RMX series

Here are some solutions using Polycom video conferencing equipment for your reference:

Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions

This is the most popular form of video conferencing today with 2 points at the same time.

Solution model:

 Polycom video conferencing solution 2 points


According to the above model, users should equip:

  • 2 sets of video conferencing equipment for 2 bridge points
  • At each point, there should be at least 1024Kbps internet connection
  • Display: TV / projector

Proposed equipment

Polycom Group 310

 Polycom Group 310 conferencing equipment

Salient features:

  • Point-to-point connection
  • HD resolution of 720p / 30fps
  • Upgrade to Full HD resolution
  • 4x Zoom Camera, 75 degree viewing angle
  • Outputs 2 monitors
  • Up to 2 microphones expandable
  • Clear sound with Polycom
  • StereoSurround technology Lost Packet Recover technology - Lost packet recovery, which helps to clear the image when the packet is dropped.

Multipoint Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions

A video conferencing form allows multiple concurrent participants. In it, there will be a point acting as the center and holding the chair. The other points just use the video conferencing terminal to connect.

Model solution

 Multipoint Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions

According to the above model, it should equip:

  • At the center: 01 set of Full HD multi-point video conferencing.
  • At branch points: Group 310 conferencing equipment / dedicated online meeting software installed on laptops, tablets, telephones ...
  • Internet connection:the branch point is at least 1024Kbps, the central point must meet the total transmission line of the aggregate points.
  • Display: TV / projector
  • Some additional equipment meeting the requirements of meeting rooms: speakers, mic ...

Proposed equipment

Polycom Multi-Point Video Conferencing Equipment:

(need to buy multi-point activation license for the device)

  • More points need to be equipped with MCU multi-point management

Conferencing Software:

Skype for Business software

Skype for Business video conferencing application

  • Allows users to communicate, exchange information on any PC / Mac device, mobile, tablet ...
  • Set up instant meetings to connect with colleagues, customers, partners ...
  • High security and reliability
  • Share the video and watch the video of the presenter during the workshop
  • Send instant messages as needed.
  • Simple to use for Windows Phone, iOS, Android.

In addition, Bao An Telecom receives cheap video conferencing solutions for each customer's needs. For more information, please contact Hotline: 028.7107.7099 - 0918.132.45


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