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Conferencing Solutions

Today, many modern businesses rely on video conferencing solutions to meet their geographically dispersed co-workers and business partners. That is why choosing the right video conferencing service for your business needs is very important. Partnering with the wrong service or trying to integrate many inappropriate services can lead to higher costs.

So What is video conferencing?
Video conferencing (VideoConferencing) is a system of equipment (including hardware and software) that transmits video and audio between two or more remote locations connected via the Internet, Audio signals and images of the meeting room come together as sitting in the same meeting room. This device allows two or more locations to simultaneously communicate in two directions via video and audio transmission.

 Introduction to videoconferencing

To help you make the right choice from the very first use, Bao An Telecom is open for all businesses to share the following.

Classification of video conferencing solutions

In terms of videoconferencing scale are classified as:

Personal Video Conferencing Solutions (Personal)

This is a small-scale video conferencing format that is often used by one person.

The device can be integrated from personal computer, or can be Desktop or Laptop. The same software and other resources: Webcam, Handphone.

Conferencing Solutions for Offices (Office Class)

This is a small-to-medium format video conferencing that is suitable for group meetings that use large-scale representative offices.

Equipment used is the dedicated product line for video conferencing.

Broadband Video Conferencing Solutions (Classroom)

This is a dedicated video conferencing format, often for large conferences. These product lines are extremely diverse and can meet all the needs of videoconferencing in the field. And it's usually designed in sync with other video conferencing accessories.

 Video Conferencing Solutions

In terms of videoconferencing interactions are classified as:

Point-to-point video conferencing solutions

This is a very popular video conferencing format, with two direct participation points.

The connection process of this kind of video conferencing will be driven by a dial-up head.

The connection parameters are predefined at either end or one end to set Auto Answer mode.

Point-to-Multi Point Solution

This type of video conferencing has many features at the same time. In it, there will be a central role and presiding over.

Other points when participating in the network are controlled under the presiding authority.

Multipoint video conferencing solution (Multi point)

This type of video conferencing is quite complex and requires at least three points of participation.

 Essential elements for video conferencing systems

Essential Elements for a Videoconferencing System:

To build a complete video conferencing system, quality needs a lot of constituent elements. However, the following must meet the following elements:

  • Line
  • Device
  • Terminals (VCS)

It is a device that has the main function of receiving images and sound at a point, then encoding them in a certain way to send to another end through the transmission network.

The terminals also have a computer interface (Laptop, Laptop) that allows the connection and presentation of documents from that computer to the remote endpoints in the same session.

Terminals use a TV monitor, computer monitor or projector as the display device and can use any sound system available.

With a soft solution, the terminal can be a personal computer that installs software endpoints like peripherals such as cameras, microphones, speakers, TVs ... or in a soft solution, personal devices such as laptops / tablet / smartphone can be set up as a terminal.

  • Multi-Point Controller (MCU)

Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), also called "conferencing bridge" or "conferencing server". This device will allow more than two terminals (VCS) to communicate with each other, and help create multi-point video conferencing.

The main function of the MCU is to manage the call control signals, negotiate information exchange parameters, determine the capabilities of the endpoints, and perform the mixing, switching and processing operations. Audio streams, video data and data between conference points.

MCUs are divided into two categories (corresponding to the product classification of video conferencing solutions):

  1. Hard MCU: This is a professional solution that includes hardware (central processing unit, network interface, administration ...) and built-in software with rich support functions.
  2. Soft MCU: The software solution used to install on the server, using the network interface for management and communication. Integration with applications on mobile devices such as laptop, tablet, mobile .... Using the internet, 3G, 4G to create the advantages of soft video conferencing solution as we know it.

With experienced installation and professional distribution in Vietnam market and distribution partner of most major video conferencing solution providers such as Aver, Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco, Avaya ... Bao An Telecom Make sure to propose a video conferencing solution that best suits the model and requirements of each customer. We will make sure that our customers are satisfied and satisfied to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


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