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RTalk 800EX | Audio Conferencing System

The RTALK 800EX with echo cancellation technology produces high quality sound. Compact design, easy to use, just plug it directly from a computer USB port.


Speed ​​is very important for business success. For example, you are out of the office at a meeting when you suddenly face a job that has been done. When time is critical, accurate information becomes even more important. Compact to go anywhere without compromising sound, the RTalk 800EX is the ideal tool in a constantly evolving business world.

  • RTalk enables you to participate in conferences right on the go.
  • Low cost voice conferencing.
  • Web Conference with clear sound.
  • Avoid time-consuming, complex setups that use less time and less work.
  • Communicate with the head office when going.

 R-Talk conference phone solution

With echo cancellation technology by NTT Cyber ​​Space creates high quality audio, extremely reliable for smooth talk. Auto Gain Control automatically adjusts the volume and Noise Suppression technology cuts out background noise. These technologies eliminate the stress associated with voice conferencing by providing clear, vivid sound.

Compact design fit in a briefcase. The device is powered on the battery, as well as directly supported from the computer USB port. Also can be used with cell phones, smart phones, and both landline and IP phones. This unique device makes it possible to speak up conferences on any type of phone call.

Just unplug it from your cell phone, plug it into a RTalk conference phone, and you're ready for the conference. Dial the phone number in the normal way and start the conference by voice. No need to install drivers to connect to a computer. Simply plug in the USB cable. No complicated setup required. R-Talk is simply designed to be easy for anyone to use.

Specifications of the RTALK conference phone:

 Specifications of RTALK device 1

 Specifications of RTALK device 2


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