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MCU Orion VX2000
MCU Orion VX2000

MCU Orion VX2000 | Online conference device

MCU VX2000 supports up to 8 simultaneous conferences, up to 29 participants per conference, compatible with any SIP / H.323 compliant device.

Like the Orion VX1000, the Orion VX2000 MCU offers the most cost effective HD conferencing. This MCU has exactly the same setup features as the Orion VX1000 MCU, but offers twice the conference capacity.

  • MCU Supports up to 8 concurrent conferences
  • Up to 29 participants per conference (16 can view HD)
  • Good price
  • Storage, Management, or On-Premise
  • Compatible with any SIP / H.323 protocol standard (including mobile clients)
  • Share with both SIP and H.323 / H.239 Desktop standards / content

Great features of the Orion VX2000 MCU

 MCU Orion VX2000 Multipoint Conference Solution

Video conferencing for SMBs

By using video conferencing to improve efficiency and productivity, speed up decision making, reduce travel costs, and better geographically dispersed workgroups. Video conferencing for SMBs and businesses needs to be affordable without compromising quality of service. The Orion VX2000 unleashes the full power of video conferencing, providing an easy way to deploy, use and manage video conferencing solutions, accessible from any device and system. It is a solution for all, with an unmatched price.

Interoperability has been demonstrated

Compatibility and interopability between different types of endpoints and applications is a major challenge for video conferencing systems. Interop deficiencies arise from incompatibilities between different types of networks, devices, protocols or communication specifications - all require bridging and powerful processing in real time.

The Orion VX2000 is capable of identifying end-to-end capabilities, and provides each user with optimized video streams for their device. As a result, it bridges the gap and allows connections between a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, smartphones, video phones and room systems.

In addition, this Orion MCU offers complete sets of video conferencing capabilities and capabilities required by service providers in a variety of frameworks on premises, management, or storage in the cloud. .

Network topology

Like the Orion VX1000, the VX2000 can be easily integrated into any network of businesses. Orion VX2000 can be installed behind the firewall / NAT business or in the cloud. It can communicate with the PBX as an extension and allows connection to any client - whether on the same network, on the Internet, or behind a remote NAT / firewall - without the need for one. additional session control (SBC).


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