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MCU Orion VX1000
MCU Orion VX1000

MCU Orion VX1000 | Video conferencing device

MCU ORION VX1000 is easy to deploy, use and manage, supporting up to four simultaneous conferences, up to 16 HD participants.

Bao An Telecom would like to introduce to you the MCU ORION VX1000 multipoint video conferencing equipment. The device is easy to deploy, use and manage, and supports up to 4 concurrent conferences, up to 16 HD participants, totaling up to 29 attendees per conference, desktop / share. Content and SIP, H.323 or H.239 (supports outputting 2 monitors).

MCU Orion VX1000 multi-point management device

Conferencing equipment has become an increasingly popular service, which is widely used by businesses, organizations and individuals. Boosted by the growth of smartphones, tablets, and widespread use in multimedia applications, videoconferencing quickly became the top choice of collaboration between the individuals and organizations.

There is no denying the value that videoconferencing brings to businesses, not only to improve efficiency, productivity, speed up operations, but also reduce travel costs, and bring all people come closer to each other.

Features of the MCU Orion VX1000

The Orion VX1000 unleashes the full power of video conferencing equipment, making it easy to deploy, use, and manage video conferencing solutions from virtually any device and system. A solution for all with an extremely affordable price.

Compatibility and interoperability among different types of endpoints and applications is a major challenge for video conferencing systems. The problem is not compatible between different types of networks, devices, protocols or communication characteristics.

MCU Orion VX1000 provides users with optimized video streams for their devices, enabling connection between a variety of devices including desktops, tablets, smartphones, phones. video and system.

Họp đa điểm MCU bằng tất cả thiết bị

In addition, the Orion VX1000 offers a complete set of features and capabilities required by service providers such as: Managed or cloud storage.

The VX1000 can be easily integrated into any corporate network and allows for connection to any customer on the same network. Businesses can install this MCU behind the firewall / NAT or in the cloud.

The Orion VX1000 MCU system includes:

- VX1000 server

- Cable


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