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MCU Orion HMP | Multipoint Video Conference

The MCU Orion HMP delivers excellent video conferencing quality with frame rates up to 60fps, super sharp resolution up to 4K and full HD

MCU Orion HMP is considered the revolution in multimedia communications and video conferencing. This is a high-end conference platform that offers powerful interoperability, best encoding and high-quality video calling for all connected devices, any network, signaling or dark signaling environment. bandwidth optimization, in addition to many other features and higher competitive advantage.

 mcu orion multi-point video conferencing solution hmp

Multi-point video conferencing solution MCU Orion HMP of SURF

The MCU HMP conference solution marks a new era in communication and collaboration technology. Supports NVF / SDN services for deploying WebRTC / LTE, building the most comprehensive platform for enterprise to grow any multimedia solution. SURF's infrastructure set-up tendency is available in a variety of forms (s / w platforms, equipment, board), and provides the optimum density, quality and performance.

New and high quality, the ORION-HMP is revolutionary in video conferencing or audio conferencing, at prices affordable for businesses of all sizes. The device is capable of handling signal media, providing audio or video conferencing and data transmission over any new or traditional network, as the bridge between the communication venues in the world, The ORION-HMP solution brings new levels of communication and collaboration to businesses.

Call quality

ORION-HMP delivers superior and high quality online meetings with advanced coding / decoding, allowing frame rates to reach 60 FPS (and even 120 FPS in certain scenarios). Super-sharp resolution reaches up to 4K and full HD, while VGA and CIF ports are available for limited bandwidth connectivity.

Multi-point video conferencing with MCU orion HMP

In addition, ORION-HMP overcomes the low bandwidth connection status via Bit-Rate to ensure a high-quality conference experience for all users. Its unique GPU-based processor, provides extremely low processing latency (<30mSec).

Strengthen ability

Instead, ORION-HMP leverages GPUs on any COTS INTEL server to exponentially increase the number of conferences occurring simultaneously on each server and manage attendance. And at the same time, it significantly reduces operating costs, as well as cutting back on energy consumption by up to 90%.

Ability of extension

The MCU ORION multi-point management device meets the needs of enterprises, is available or used on virtual machines, or is installed on a NUC server.

Interactive abillity

MCU HMP with fully functional support platform for WebRTC and client. Connections allow for rich media sharing between WebRTC, SIP and each top-end decoder including H.323, HEVC / H.265 and VP8, VP9.


ORION-HMP allows users to easily locate their screen and customize their visibility in which they have full control over size, color, background, font style, language, positioning and additional features.

ORION-HMP also maintains a full-screen image through automatic cropping mode, and eliminates 4: 3/16: 9 false-screen ratios. And in the near future, ORION-HMP will also support chat, whiteboard and file sharing.

Business friendly

The ORION-HMP's fully integrated speed and integration capabilities are the first conference solution specifically designed for SMBs / SMEs and ITSPs. For businesses, ORION-HMP allows convenient work scheduling, email invitations and full co-op work support.

Multi-point video conferencing MCU in the enterprise

In addition, ORION-HMP includes optional SRTP support for encryption, and the foundation for the use of MS Lync / Skype software, and high business interoperability.

BFCP & Gateway H.323

In addition to the standard SIP registers built into the ORION-MCU, ORION-HMP also has an internal H.323 gatekeeper function. And for BFCP, ORION-HMP supports content sharing standards with SIP and Web-RTC clients.

Supports sample network topologies

ORION-HMP monopoly in its ability to perform under any topology network topology.

Leveraging the use of internal SIP registration and H.323 gatekeeper functions, the ORION-HMP online conferencing solution best supports customers from the complexity of adding external solutions. Requires user registration. And with it's built-in IVVR mechanism, it is equally capable of connecting as an extension to an existing IPBX / SIP / H.323 Gatekeeper, and users are welcome to subscribe through the entity outside.

And if want, this device allows direct dialing into a conference without registration, the network management level fully control the user's access to it.

All of these features ensure maximum flexibility when deploying new networks, and complex integration is free with existing networks when combined.


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