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Lifesize Room 220 | Bao An Telecom

Lifesize Room 220 is capable of connecting up to 8 concurrent points. The 10X zoom camera offers a high-end video experience with full HD resolution.


What happens if you have a tool that can:

• Reduce costs and travel time?

• Reduce training costs and increase efficiency?

• Provide more cooperation opportunities?

• Expand market and contract according to your needs?

• Reduce your impact on the environment?

Without affecting your business growth.

LifeSize Room 220 can do all this ... and much more!

 Lifesize room 220 supports dual screen sharing

Great communication experience with Lifesize Room 220

The Lifesize Room 220 is the world's most powerful HD video conferencing system with up to 8 simultaneous connection points for any conference room. This is the most popular multi-point product on the market, including many camera options and dual or third screen, the ability to view different corners with a simple button and can see all Eight points involved on one screen or see data on the other. Not only that, it provides connectivity for additional video devices, or in combination with the Lifesize Phone, the codec and the 10X Camera to create a perfect conference environment.

Product Description:

• Manufacturer: LifeSize

• Model: Room 220

• Software version: 4.12.0

• Features and optional modifications: None

This Lifesize video conferencing device is designed for installation in medium or large conference rooms. It is available in two hardware configurations: Standard Room 220 or with a rack mount version, 220i, to facilitate integration into larger installations.

 The system includes high definition (HD) camera, microphone and infrared remote control. MCU embedded 8 points are included as standard.

The system has two microphone options:

• CODEC, dual MicPods

• CODEC, LifeSize Phone ™

The video conferencing system works great with up to 1920x1080 pixels (1080p) at 30fps or 1280x720 pixels (720p) at 60fps with up to 8 Mbit / s video bandwidth. Compatibility with other H.323 CODECs is achieved through a wide range of resolutions from CIF (352x288) to 1920x1080 pixels. The quality of the conference depends on the capabilities of the CODEC remotely and the connection speed.

Note: The default setting for LifeSize Room 220 with 720p resolution @ 60 fps is used for most reviews.


• Dual screen standard

• Built-in 8-way MCU connection

• The sensitivity of the 10x camera is improved compared to previous LifeSize models

• Good compatibility with other CODECs

• Optional 220i rackmount


• Noise of the cooling fan

• Projection frame rate is limited at DVI-I input

LifeSize: Quality, simplicity and reliability

 Videoconference with Lifesize Room 220

Quality: True high definition video, 'LifeSize', and clear sound that can not be criticized. LifeSize has created a stable online video conferencing environment to partner with distance, rather than a boring job.

Simplicity: Our equipment is easy to set up and maintain whether you choose a server-based or cloud-based solution that you never have to worry about the burden on your IT department. Unlike some older video conferencing sets you do not have to be computer savvy to operate LifeSize. Our creative team has designed a one-touch recording system and playback of recordings or adding people to a conference is also simple.

Reliability: Of course, we are proud of our responsive service department, but the fact is that LifeSize is so well designed that we do not get many complaints from our customers. Sophisticated monitoring, strict security, advanced design all just because LifeSize only works for your business!

With the LifeSize Room 220, you get the best remote media experience right now. Call us today for advice and free demo: 028.7107.7099 - 0918.132.458


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