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Lifesize Icon series | Bao An Telecom

The LifeSize Icon series features a built-in schedule for video calls, reminding consumers to avoid being ignored or forgot. Simple UI, direct, user friendly.


The LifeSize Icon series is a new 1080p full HD video conferencing solution from LifeSize, based on a combination of user experience. Delicately designed and combined with new technology, LifeSize Icon is capable of meeting full HD quality that costs money well invested by businesses. The product has a simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to make quick connections and share information with all participants in the meeting. The installation and use of this product is extremely simple and fast.

LifeSize Icon 400 with 3x camera

Lifesize Icon 400 Video Conferencing Equipment

Lifesize Icon 400 highlights:

- Full HD 1080p picture quality

- The camera and codec are designed to be subtle

- There are 2 choices of MicPod or Phone 2nd Touchscreen depending on user requirements.

- Video standard: H.264 (High & Base), H.263 +, H.263

- Audio standard: G.711, G.722 / .1 / .1C, ACC-LC / LD

- Network standard: SIP, H.323 - Easy to share data from PC and USB

The system includes:

• LifeSize Icon 400 Codec

• 3x optical zoom camera

• Lifesize MicPod / Phone 2nd touch

• Source

• Cable

LifeSize Icon 600 with 10X camera

 Lifesize Icon 600 Video Conferencing Equipment

Features Lifesize Icon 600:

- 720p video resolution and easy upgrade to full 1080p full HD experience.

- Single screen support and dual monitor upgrades for added meeting quality

- HD content sharing allows sharing of data from your PC with HD quality.

- Video resolution up to 1080p60 video and 1080p data (with software upgrade)

- SVC / Lync Interoperable for high scalability

- Multiple camera and microphone options (or phone) for investment.

The system includes:

• LifeSize Icon 600 Codec

• Camera LifeSize 10x

• Digital LifeSize Mic

• Infrared remote control

• Source

• Cable



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