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LIFESIZE EXPRESS 220 - The LifeSize's latest product

Lifesize Express 220 is a Full HD point-to-point video conferencing system. Even at the lowest bandwidth, users still have the interaction with clear data sharing.


LifeSize's latest product, the Lifesize Express 220 video conferencing device, was introduced in late 2007 and has received high marks for IP Telephony as well as news magazines. prestigious in the US & Europe.

► How many points can Lifesize Express 220 have?

 Lifesize Express 220 video conferencing equipment

This is a point-to-point video conferencing system, so users can only connect from one central point to another. So, this solution is ideal for small workgroups or SMBs.

► Do I want to expand my multi-point connection in the future?

Can not. If you need multi-point systems, we recommend the Lifesize Team 220 and Lifesize Room 220

► Is the video and picture of this device clear?

The LifeSize Express 220 offers the highest resolution video available on the market - full HD1080p30. However, content and data are only shared with HD720p quality.

► How to share videos, images and content?

Users can share data and dual slideshows through the H.239 / SIP (BFCP) protocol standard.

► Do I want to use a participant display, a data sharing screen?

This is because the video conferencing equipment is designed with advanced technology to support simultaneous display on two monitors at the same time with HD resolution.

► Can I record and store data?

Not only the Express 220 but other Lifesize lines also support the optimization of recording and data storage via the LifeSize UVC Video Center. However, you need to spend some money to buy this UVC Video Center.

► What is the difference between the camera and the previous series?

 Camera Lifesife Express 220

The Lifesize Express 220 camera is a 1080p30 / 720p60 PTZ HD camera with a wide viewing angle of 70 degrees, which has autofocus capability with 10X optical zoom.

► For high quality connection, how much bandwidth?

Lifesize video conferencing equipment supports natural and practical interaction with the lowest bandwidth:

• 384 Kbps (912x512 pixels) resolution DVD

• 512 Kbps (1024x576 pixels)

• 768 Kbps (1280x720 pixels) high definition

• 1.1 Mbps or higher (1280x720 pixels @ P60) high definition

• 1.7 Mbps or higher (1920 × 1080 pixels) high definition

► How can Express 220 interact with any UC platform?

Microsoft® Lync ™, Microsoft® Office Communication Server (OCS); DevConnect certified with Avaya Aura®; Alcatel-Lucent® OpenTouch® UC platform. Can the Lifesize Express 220 be connected to other branded devices? This line of meeting equipment is capable of making video calls to other (non Lifesize) devices via the H.323 protocol.

► What does this Lifesize cover?

• Lifesize codec

• Camera Lifesize 10x

• Lifesize Digital MicPod or Lifesize Phone

• Wireless remote control

• Cable:

(1) Codec source 2 m

(1) 1 meter codec source

(1) HDMI-HDMI cable 3 m

(1) 3-meter DVI-I to HDMI cable

(1) DVI-I cable to VGA cable 3 meters (for connection to laptop)

(1) PSTN telephone cable 3 m

• Documentation CD

• Quick reference table

Express 220 brings people together by allowing them to interact successfully without ignoring geographical distances. High quality technology. Simple to use. Connect quickly. The LifeSize Express 220 is the ideal meeting device for workgroups and SMBs.

With Lifesize, connectivity and insight are the key


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