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Auctopus innotrik - PSTN conference phone

Innotrik Auctopus-PSTN can be expanded with 2 micros, suitable for all size meeting rooms, noise filtering technology for high quality audio.

Key Features of the Conference Phone INNOTRIK PSTN:

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the most popular telephone network. namely the telephone network used in our daily lives, including telephones, cell phones, personal telephones, etc., such types of communication devices. The PSTN is a kind of global audio transmission network switching circuit, including the PSTN and PSTN commercial government.

AUCTOPUS-PSTN NON-EX, video conferencing display

Auctopus-pstn type conference phone does not extend

Ideal choice for medium and small meeting rooms.

Excellent coverage, conference phone can provide remarkably high quality audio for meeting rooms of 20 ~ 60 m2

AUCTOPUS-PSTN EX, video conferencing display

 Auctopus-pstn conference phone extends 2 mic

Unbelievable sound quality, ideal choice for large meeting rooms.

Including 2 microphones extended, the microphone coverage range can be increased up to 40 ~ 90 square meters.

The InnTrio PSTN conference phone series includes three types for customers to choose from:

  • AUCTOPUS-PSTN NON-EX, display ---- LCD screen, not microphone extension
  • AUCTOPUS-PSTN EX, display ---- LCD screen, 2 microphones expand
  • AUCTOPUS-PSTN VTX, display ---- LCD, 2 microphone extension, 1 external speaker

Characteristics of the PSTN conference phone series:

  • Power: Leading industry full duplex realism, 256ms resonator cancellation, intelligent microphone selection technology.
  • Quality: 94V0 fire protection material for shell and circuit board, 10 million times life cycle, LCD backlight can be lit for 50 thousand hours.
  • Appearance: beautiful and fashionable appearance, safe and sustainable design, professional qualification of the meeting room.
  • Easy to use: The same standard phone installation method, easy to use, left all the functions of the conventional conference phone.


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