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Meeting room rental service online

Are you looking for a solution to make effective remote meetings with your affiliates and partners, but still save a lot of money?

Bao An Telecom provides online meeting room rental services in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, bringing customers the most up-to-date technology at an extremely competitive price.

Online meeting room rental service Bao An Telecom

 Cheap conference room rental online

1.Meeting room space

Bao An Telecom leased many rooms with a variety of sizes, meeting the needs of small groups of 3-4 people to 20 people.

Good soundproofing, ensuring internal information is not transmitted.

2.Office equipment

Comfortable chair.

Equipped with large 65 inch TV screen, table, screen ...

3.Internet connection

The online meeting room is equipped with high-speed fiber optic transmission line, providing the connection stability, ensuring the conversation and presentation files are not interrupted.

Coming to Bao An Telecom, customers are absolutely safe and do not have to worry about flickering images or interrupted internet affect your work.

4.Meeting facilities online

 Meeting room equipment online rental

Meeting rooms are equipped with online meeting equipment with the most modern technology such as Polycom, AVer, Cisco, Lifesize ... for true image and sound, live.

In addition, we can add a speaker system, mic extension to best support your company meeting.

5.Supported services:

Clipchart and pen paper are readily available.

Served drinks: lavie, tea, coffee for everyone.

Support printing and photocopying documents.

There is a team of enthusiastic receptionists, guide you and guests on arrival.

 Online meeting room security services telecom security

► Location

Meeting rooms are located in a central location, convenient for transportation.

Ho Chi Minh City: 90 Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Hung, Dist

Hanoi: 627 Vu Tong Phan, Khuong Dinh, Thanh Xuan District

► Quality

Modern equipment to meet the needs of a multifunctional online meeting room

► Style of service

Employees are well trained, professional attitude, ready to support when the customer needs.

► Price

We offer flexible rental packages such as hourly, by day, by day or by month with always preferential prices, the more costly renting the cheaper.

Quick, easy reservation, especially 30% discount on first rent

You need to rent an online meeting room, immediately contact Bao An Telecom by Hotline: 028.7107.7099 - 0918.132.458 for quick scheduling assistance.


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