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Online video conferencing system for the Radio Frequency Department


The Radio Frequency Department is an organization under the Ministry of Information and Communications, which has the function of advising and assisting the Minister in performing the task of State management and organization of law enforcement in the radio frequency domain.

Received the trust of the Radio Frequency Department , recently Bao An Telecom has been honored to be selected as the provider of online video conferencing systems for the unit.

Recently, the Party and State have started to apply the online video conferencing system to the departments. This is also a trend in the world because the conference has very clear benefits: regular meetings can be organized, meeting points are visible to each other, The TV system will be like a regular briefing. The units will receive direct instructions from the superiors and multi-dimensional information exchange is accurate, timely, so there will be the best solution to handle the work.

An online video conferencing project is deployed

Some photos of the project:

 Online Conferencing Project Department Frequency 1

 Online Conferencing Project Department Frequency 2

 Online Conferencing Project Department Frequency 3

Selected equipment:

► Central point:


MCU Orion VX1000 is rated as the most excellent multi-point controller today, capable of handling up to 29 HD bridge points, allowing the creation of multiple meeting rooms, supports both H.323, SIP, H. 239 gives you the flexibility to create meetings from a variety of locations, and is extremely affordable for businesses.

AVER EVC300 (1 set)

The AVer EVC300 Video Conferencing Equipment is suitable for medium and large meeting rooms with Full HD video quality. Supports up to 4 connections up to 10 connection points depending on the needs of the user. Integrated MCU system capable of real-time call handling with high image quality and content sharing capabilities and a 16X PTZ camera. Compact, modern design keeps your meeting room neater.

Branch Points: AVer EVC130P (9 sets)

The AVer EVC130P offers single-point HD conferences for small to medium-sized conferences. A perfect solution for 15 or more participants. Set up your network based on SIP or H.323, then manage it from the included remote or via the mobile app available for Android and iOS. The system can support up to four microphones, one of which is included in the EVC130P package. Experience all the features of this system without the need of a computer or computer connection to share richer content.


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