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Online meeting room equipment for VNPT Quang Binh


In 2015, Bao An Telecom and Quang Binh Telecom signed a contract to set up a 6-point AVer online meeting equipment.

Telecommunications Quang Binh (VNPT Quang Binh) is an economic unit under the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, established under the Decision 667 / QĐ-TCCB / HĐQT dated 06/12/2007 of the Board of Directors. Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (now the Council of Members). VNPT Quang Binh has the function of doing business and serving the telecommunications - information technology

To upgrade the network, VNPT Quang Binh has decided to choose Bao An Telecom as the online meeting equipment supplier for its unit.

Project description of online meeting equipment deployed:

Some photos of the project:

 Online meeting room project for VNPT Quang Binh

Selected equipment:

► Central point: MCU Orion VX1000

Headquartered in Quang Binh Province, Quang Binh Telecom utilizes MCU Orion VX1000 Multi-Point Controller

 MCU Orion VX1000 Multipoint Controller

Highlights of the MCU Orion VX1000:

  • Video Quality: Allows connection of up to 29 bridges at HD quality.
  • Display Mode: Allows display of up to 16 bridge points in VGA or HD Asymetric resolution.
  • Enables connection endpoints using SIP or H.323, H.239 data sharing integration.
  • Allows soft cllient to connect to the meeting via computer, smart phone ...
  • Simple console and management, no need to install software.
  • Allows users to record meetings in the .avi file format via the NFS server recording protocol.
  • Orion VX1000 creates up to 4 simultaneous meetings.
  • Compatible with Polycom terminals (Series HDX series, Group series, VSX series), Cisco (SX20, SX10) Aver (EVC series, HVC Series), Lifesize, Sony ...

Branch point: AVer EVC130

 Meeting Equipment Online AVer EVC130

Bao An Telecom installed 6 sets of AVer EVC130 online meeting equipment at the district offices of VNPT. Also due to the size of the meeting room is quite large, each point also equipped with a goose neck mic, two speakers and 42 inch TV screen.

  • Gives image quality up to full HD resolution.
  • Allows to store all meeting contents to USB.
  • Observes all positions in the meeting room with the camera pan till has a viewing angle of up to 88 degrees.
  • The sophisticated audio processing technology allows for the best recording of maximum noise filtering.
  • Transmit and receive smoother signal even if the network is limited, reduce the packet loss.
  • Ultra compact design with friendly interface.
  • Configure the system remotely via webtool, and automatically turn on the device via LAN with Wake on Lan.
  • Connect to any H.323 and SIP compliant device.
  • Warranty 02 years.


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