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Online meeting room equipment for Hoa Thien Phu

Do you know video conference systems often allow anywhere from dozens to thousands of participants to join and view a presentation, or they can host small, collaborative group sessions.The project of online meeting room equipment for Hoa Thien Phu company includes 8 points using AVer equipment.

Hoa Thien Phu Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is one of the most successful Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies. Thien Phu Flower has launched the market with quality products, such as Sac Ngoc Khang, Princess Thien Hoa, Hoang Tue, siro delicious food Thien Thien ...

Hoa Thien Phu distributes the distribution system to most of Chinese and Western medicine shops, cosmetic shops and supermarkets nationwide. The number of pharmacies, cosmetic shops and supermarkets has reached over 25,000 from all districts in 63 provinces nationwide. In particular, the strongest development in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho ...

In order to build a synchronous communication system for such large branch network, Hoa Thien Phu Company has come to Bao An Telecom's online meeting solution. With our consultancy, the company has decided to invest in a network of 8 bridges linking Ho Chi Minh City Head Office and other branches.

Description of online meeting room project :

Some photos of the project:

 Online meeting facilities Hoa Thien Phu

 Online meeting facilities Hoa Thien Phu 02

 Online meeting facilities Hoa Thien Phu 03


Selected equipment:

► Central point: AVer EMC1000

The multi-point management system that Thien Phu Phu installed at the center of the bridge is AVer EVC100.

 Multi-Point Management Device AVerMedia EMC1000

  • Multi-point control of up to 10 points
  • High Quality video en
  • Connect AVer, IOS mobile and VOIP phones.
  • Allows data to be shared from AVer HVC, Aver EMC Series
  • The most cost-effective, no additional fees.
  • Easy connection
  • Easy management with friendly web interface
  • EMC1000 Allows software on mobile devices using IOS or PC to connect to the system with EZMeetup.
  • Warranty 02 years

Branch point: AVer HVC130

Hoa Thien Phu set of 8 sets AVer HVC130 for his bridge.

 Meeting Equipment Online AVer HVC130


The AVer HVC130 is the only online meeting facility with the lowest investment cost. This is an all-in-one solution that offers customers all the great features without sacrificing any upgrades or installations. The HVC130 offers an HD-quality online meeting solution with 5-megapixel PTZ camera and up to 4 micro-expansion to meet the needs of large conference rooms. The HVC 130 can also be paired with a VCBridge that allows skype users to connect to the video conferencing system.


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