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Installation of video conferencing system for Sung Hyun Vina

In today's business world, connectivity is essential. Video conference systems, in particular, help you get the full sense of the interaction. So recently, Sung Hyun Vina chose Bao An Bao An Telecom implemented a 6-point AVER video conferencing systems .

Sung Hyun Vina Joint Stock Company, a 100% Korean owned company, specializes in manufacturing, processing and exporting all kind of shoes for famous brand name of European market.

Established since 1999 to over 15 years of operation and development Sung Hyun Vina has a total staff of over 5000 people.

Looking to the future, the company will expand its development model further, so it needs a solution to easily communicate, exchange information internally or reach partners and customers. Sung Hyun Vina has come to Bao An Telecom's video conferencing solution.

Video conferencing systems project description is deployed:

Some photos of the project:

 Image Conferencing System for Sung Hyun Vina 1

 Image Conferencing System for Sung Hyun Vina 2

Selected equipment:

► Central point: AVer EVC300 with license upgrade to 6 points

At the headquarters, a set of multi-point video conferencing equipment can be connected at the same 6 sites. Bao An Telecom has advised the company to use the AVer EVC300 with license upgrade 2 points.

 Videoconferencing Equipment AVer EVC300

Main Features AVer EVC300:

  • The EVC300 supports up to 4 points with full HD 1080p30fps resolution, can be upgraded to 6, 8 or up to 10 points.
  • Camera full HD1080p Zoom 16x Optical, 61 degree viewing angle
  • Support dual monitors via HDMI and VGA
  • Record everything on screen via USB Flash Drive even when you are not in the meeting.
  • Remote system access and troubleshooting via webtool, and automatic device activation via LAN with Wake on Lan
  • Built-in EZMeetup software allows users to connect to PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Branch point: AVer EVC130

With 5 branches, Sung Hyun Vina has decided to invest in the installation of each set of 1 videoconferencing equipment AVer EVC130

Videoconferencing Equipment AVer EVc130

Features of the AVer EVC130

  • Full HD 1080 support for the most true picture quality
  • Camera with Full HD resolution, 16X zoom, wide viewing angle
  • Share slideshows from PC, laptop ...
  • Supports output to monitor via HDMI and VGA.
  • Up to 04 microphones can be upgraded to fit the large conference room.
  • Capture the image and send it to the other end.
  • Record the meeting via USB
  • Webtool support allows access, and remote system control.
  • Delicate design, lightweight and user-friendly interface, easy to use.


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