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CISCO SX10 - The all-in-one online meeting equipment

The Cisco SX10 is a high-end conference conferencing device for small-scale meeting rooms. Allows use of iOS and Android devices for wireless SX10.

The Cisco SX10 Quick Set is an all-in-one video conferencing device that connects to any flat screen to make TV in your small space. The device offers tremendous response capability for small to large businesses, beginning to use video conferencing equipment, or extending the way businesses work remotely.

 Cisco SX10 Video Conferencing Equipment

Features and capabilities of the Cisco SX10

High quality, easy-to-use, and synchronous capabilities of the Cisco SX10 Quick Set can create an easy solution for video everywhere. Products offered:

• Quality video for business at a fraction of the cost of a desktop computer.

• The camera and encoder integrated in a single compact device are located at the top of the screen on your standard flat display.

• Simple and elegant cable system, connected via single cable system for both power and Ethernet. High quality video with resolution up to 1080p / 30.

• Leading in the field of wide viewing angles, even in small spaces.

 Highlights of Cisco SX10

Specifications of Cisco SX10

The SX10 comes with a built-in HD camera and microphone, wall mount, TRC6 remote control, network equipment and HDMI cable.

• Ability to optimize up to 1080p30, video and content sharing at 1080p30 + WXGAp5.

• 83 degree wide angle of the face with 5x zoom.

• Plug and Play simple device with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

• Built-in microphone. Low power consumption in stand-by mode (EU Class B).


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