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CISCO EX60 | Bao An Telecom

The Cisco EX60 video conferencing device delivers live video and still images with 1080p resolution, natural collaboration and a simple touch screen interface.

The Cisco EX60 video conferencing device puts everything on your desktop onto a computer screen that makes it easy to exchange work, contacts, and collaboration .. with just one touch hands Cisco Telepresence System EX Series is an all-in-one screen modernization tool, which you can transfer your personal work on your laptop into a quick video call with colleagues to solve the problem. Shared tables.

 Cisco video conferencing device ex60

Highlights Cisco EX60:

- 21.5 inch high-definition screen placed on the desk in accordance with the work of the leadership

- Simple touch screen controls for easy and intuitive phone calls and sharing

- 1080p30 and 720p60 video resolutions deliver the Cisco EX60 experience right on your desk.

- 8-inch touch screen Cisco TelePresence makes it easy to control

- HD content sharing allows sharing of data from your PC with HD quality.

- Dual front speakers give you ultra-high sound quality.

- Connect easily, set up simple calls.

 Use Cisco EX60 circular business

The Cisco EX60 includes:

  •  Cisco Codec

  •  Màn hình LCD 21.5 inch full HD

  •  Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Camera

  •  Microphone and Speaker

  •  Cisco 8" Touch with handset and cradle

  •  Cables


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