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Bignote | interactive Device

With this device, all flat plane are variable to touchscreen, you can write, vẽ, highlight or hay even to save the data on the screen to your computer.

Bignote Interactive Pen is a unique product of optical sensor technology from Korea for teaching and meeting. With this device, any flat surface turns into a touch screen, where you can write, draw, highlight, or even store all the data on the screen to your computer.

 Bignote Interactive Smart Device

The great functions of the Bignote intelligent interactive device:

With sensors that detect light from the tip of the pen and the camera, all surfaces from the projector's screen to the computer's screen or curved screen become a touch-sensitive touch panel.

Users can freely write, draw or highlight key ideas or erase them, zoom in on the touch screen. In particular, the smart pen saves data such as photos, videos, files ... at a speed of 250MB / h and automatically saved to the computer.

 Interactive bignote device control panel

With the Bignote intelligent interactive device, you can write on any screen, even notes on exel or powerpoint files.

The main components of the Bignote intelligent interactive device:

- Camera: Placed fixedly in a position to observe the screen or screen. Once installed into the computer, adjust the rear camera for the plane to be used to enter the camera's touch screen. Therefore, it is not compulsory to place the camera at the front.

Bignote intelligent camera device installation

- Pen: interacts on the screen by light-sensing head transmits the signal to the camera. Then display the corresponding content.

Special parameters of the Bignote intelligent interactive device:

 Bignote's intelligent interactive device size
- Dimensions: Camera - 95mm, touch pen - 165mm

- Recording speed: 30 points / sec

- Horizontal access angle: 40 degrees

- Technology used: FCC, CE (RoHS), KC

- Screen size: 17 - 300 inches

- Response time written: 0.1s

- Editing Center: +90, ~ 100

- Operating distance from screen: 1.5 - 5m / short pole: 0.5 ~ 1.5m

- Cable length; 3.0m

- Power Requirements: 1.5vAAA x 2ea battery



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