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AVer VC520 conference camera

AVer VC520 - the professional conference camera for medium or large online meeting room. A multi-directional microphone, USB cable connection.

Conference camera AVer VC520

AVer VC520 - the professional conference camera for online meeting room which is medium or large size.

The AVer VC520 breaks the stereotype of expensive and complex traditional conferencing systems that require a network administrator to operate. The affordable, all-in-one VC520 is optimized to deliver a unique video and audio experience. It is compatible with all your favorite applications and connects to virtually any desktop or laptop computer, via a single USB cable. Gone are the headaches of having to modify complex network firewalls to make video calls.

The quality and features of the AVer VC520 conference camera

12X Optical Zoom with PTZ

AVer VC520 has 12X Optical Zoom with PTZ

As one of the fastest and smallest 12X optical zoom cameras available on the market today, the VC520's multi-point, multi-coating auto focus and 12X optical zoom have the ability to tilt, tilt and zoom. fast, high-performance capture of the smallest detail with absolute sharpness at all focal lengths.

High definition full 1080p video

AVer VC520 With High Definition Video Full HD 1080p technology

With High Definition Video Full HD 1080p technology built into the VC520 USB video conferencing camera, you'll enjoy the highest resolution available for your video conferencing and video collaboration calls.

Daisy-Chain speakerphone

Daisy-Chain speakerphone of AVer VC520

The days when a crowd was sitting around a single loudspeaker was gone! The VC520 All-in-One includes a full duplex speakerphone and each speaker can consist of a 30ft diameter, so you can now capture audio throughout the entire room in the most efficient way possible.

Preset 10 pixels

AVer VC520 can Preset 10 pixels

The VC520 video conferencing device allows you to customize your meetings by storing up to 10 PTZ presets. Each preset can be easily accessed with a remote touch, saving you time and providing the flexibility to quickly move to predefined locations in the conference room.

Full Duplex Microphone

AVer VC520 has array microphone

The AVer VC520's multi-directional video conferencing microphone delivers true-to-life sound, allowing all voice transmission points without interruption and ensuring that the entire Chat will be heard by all participants in the call. Regardless of room size or configuration, the echo sound of the VC520 reduces the sound, echo and ambient noise that makes the audio transmission clear.

Integrated RS232 capability

AVer VC520 integrated RS232 capability

With advanced integration built into the VC520 USB video conferencing system, including an RS232 port, the system can easily be integrated into a controlled environment allowing the user to operate. and manage the VC520 through an AV panel.


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