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AVer SVC500 - The perfect multipoint online meeting equipment

AVer SVC500 is a 6-point online meeting facility, capable of upgrading to 16-point bridges, 18X cameras, H.323 support, SIP, Skype for Business, live stream video.

AVer SVC500 - 6 Point Full HD Online Meeting Equipment

AVer SVC500 - 6 Point Full HD Online Meeting Equipment

As the next generation of AVer SVC product line, AVer SVC500 has been designed in the future. The most striking feature is the bundled camera with curved design that supports powerful 18x zoom lens. In addition, H.323, SIP and Skype for Business support deliver endless communications. Dual-camera / dual-presentation and RTMP enhance the AVer user experience to the next level.

Design a brand new futuristic ID

The AVer SVC500 is designed in "orbit" style - the style can be seen on the camera, codec, microphone, and even the user interface. This online conferencing device conveys our product concept perfectly. So, this is the best choice for the most advanced work model.

AVer SVC500 has design a brand new futuristic ID and Support for H.323, SIP and Skype for business

Support for H.323, SIP and Skype for business

The SVC500 can receive and share content as well as live video. In particular, Skype for Business integration provides endless possibilities for communication. In addition, the H.323 and SIP protocols are also integrated to empower the multimedia capabilities of the SVC500.

Dual-Camera / Dual-Presentation support

Other options are available on this system. Now, you can choose to display the first camera, second camera or both. The AVer SVC500 can also accept inputs from multiple sources. With two input sources available on the codec, users can choose to use HDMI, DVI / VGA, or both at the same time. So, do not say that this AVer online meeting device is capable of providing a great video conferencing experience!

AVer SVC500 supports Dual-Camera / Dual-Presentation and RTMP for Live Video Streaming

RTMP for Live Video Streaming

The live streaming function is available in the SVC500. You can Live Stream videoconferencing, presentations, speeches, lectures, etc. with an easy setup. Moreover, the important recording function is done with a very simple click.

Integrated 32G storage capability

No need to find a USB drive when you need to record a meeting, the AVer SVC500 is equipped with 32 GB of internal memory. In addition, iSCSI functionality is also available for cloud uploads. You will never have to miss another event!

AVer SVC500 can be upgraded up to 16 points

Upgrade up to 16 points

Users can take advantage of our license upgrade program to expand the number of connection points up to 16 points. Online meeting systems can be easily extended to meet your company's growing communications needs.


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