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AVer PTC500 | Bao An Telecom

The AVer PTC500 has a built-in tracking capability, 30X optical zoom that shows up to small details with sharp clarity, even from very distant distances.

 AVer PTC500 Camera conferencing tracking

AVer PTC500 is the professional conferene camera for every conference room or hall. It consists of two cameras: a PTZ camera at the top that can monitor a person's movements, and a wide-angle camera below for panoramic shooting. Its 30X optical zoom shows up to small details with sharp clarity, even from a distance.

The special feature of this product is that the camera can rotate according to the movement of the person interacting with the device. It means that if you go from side to side across the room during the presentation, the camera will rotate with you to record the best picture. And this feature only requires a simple setup process on the software to activate.

It also provides a smart preview function so users can adjust the appropriate image position before use. The AVer PTC500 is the perfect video conferencing camera for a variety of applications, including lecture recording, distance training, training, online meetings and more.

Describe the features of the AVer PTC500 video conferencing camera

Use the 30X optical zoom technology and dual cameras

For halls of up to 100 students, the use of AVer's PTC500 is the ideal solution. For two reasons:

First of all, the camera lens has the ability to magnify images with 30X optical zoom. Therefore, no matter whether the participants are sitting in the final row can see clearly the image, the video on the display.

 AVer PTC500 with 30X optical zoom

Secondly, as a dual camera technology with angles of up to 120 ° FOV, the AVer PTC500 gives the viewer the ability to see the whole scene no matter what the size of the meeting room or hall and how it looks.

 AVer PTC500 is designed with dual camera technology

Camera tracking advanced

The video surveillance function of the AVer Conference camera is described as follows: The user will pre-set up a tracking point (possibly a speaker, lecturer, etc.) via the activation software. Based on that setting, the camera will track each person's movements, even if other people or objects obscure them, it will still work correctly. Specifically as follows:

 The AVer PTC500 camera will track each person's movements

Latest freeware AcuControl

This software adjusts settings and previews video. It's free and extremely user friendly. AcuControl also allows users to transfer video over IP streaming and supports the ONVIF protocol (a protocol that allows VMS to integrate with the camera from many different manufacturers more easily.


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