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AVer EVC950 | AVer Video Conferencing

AVer EVC950 - perfect 10 point video conferencing system, PTZ 18X camera, Skype For Business connection, video and full HD 1080p content, vivid sound.

The AVer EVC950 is a perfect 10-point video conferencing device for businesses and organizations wishing to use this advanced technology for large conference rooms and auditoriums. With a low investment budget, AVer has created a multi-point integrated MCU offering consumers a great video experience and full HD 1080p video content, hook up anywhere.

AVER EVC950 is a perfect 10-point video conferencing device

However, when you learn about the 10-point communication system, you will see that AVer also has another model, the EVC900. So the question is should you choose AVer EVC950 or AVer EVC900?

First, let us compare the components of these two video conferencing devices.

Users should choose AVer EVC950 or AVer EVC900

As shown above, we see that both products include: 1 codec, 1 camera, 1 omnidirectional microphone, 1 remote. However, the difference here is the camera. Compared with the AVer EVC900, the shape of the camera EVC950 is more beautiful and luxurious design. In contrast, the EVC950's camera is bigger and heavier with a size of 180 x 144 x 184 mm, while the EVC900 is only 122.3 x 122.3 x 159.5 mm.

However, in terms of quality, users will be more satisfied with this upgrade. Because the PTZ camera of the AVer videoconference kit has 12X optical zoom plus 1.5X digital zoom, plus +/- 130 ° tilt and 90 ° / -25 ° tilt for the camera. Fast focusing and clarification of the surrounding people, giving the participants in the conference feel like they are facing each other really.

AVer EVC950 with a wide viewing angle of 82 degrees

In addition, with a wide viewing angle of 82 degrees, this camera easily covers the conference room, leaving anyone out of sight. So, if your meeting room is as large as the auditorium, this is the ideal solution.

What features does the AVer EVC950 have?

Support for Skype For Business, H.323 and SIP connections

Like the EVC900, the AVer EVC950 extends the connectivity of your communications system with Skype For Business to save costs.

Annotate anywhere and whenever you need it

Annotate anywhere and whenever you need it with AVer EZDraw

Using the EVC950 with the AVer EzDraw collaboration annotation application opens the door to powerful business communication. This means that users at different ends can write text, highlight or draw on the same document, providing an ideal solution to improve the flow of discussion and gain understanding. each other better.

Convert display layout by voice

The AVer EVC950's video-enabled speech-to-speech converter automatically enlarges the image of the speaker, making the conference a natural one and ensuring participants do not interrupt. each other.

Record and store data

Online meetings via the EVC950 can be recorded directly to a USB drive, including video, audio and content sharing that makes conference profiles simple. Then you can watch it again with this device, or on your PC or laptop using AVer's VCPlayer software.

Connect anywhere & anytime

The AVer EZMeetup mobile software is available on all AVer models. Any meeting can be held even if the participant has only a phone or a laptop. Obviously, nothing can prevent you from attending important seminars with clear videos and clear audio.

Overall, the AVer EVC950 is the most cost-effective video conferencing solution. Not only does the built-in 10-point MCU connect to the user's computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone calls via EzMeetup. Furthermore, by using AVer's EZDraw application, you can access a variety of impressive interactive tools. It must be said that this is a very simple system to set up, easy to operate and provides excellent interoperability across all brands.


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