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AVer EVC900 - The perfect HD conferencing device

The AVer EVC900 integrates up to 10 bridge points, supports Skype for Business connectivity, 16X PTZ camera, 1080p full HD video, sleek design and compact design.

The AVer EVC900 is the perfect HD conferencing device for large conference rooms or auditoriums. AVer Mobile Applications are the ideal solution for people who are constantly on the move but still need to be present in important meetings. The highlight of the EVC900's attention is the 1080p full HD video resolution and content that is truly shared with the 16X HD PTZ camera, multi-dimensional microphone, sleek user interface and compact system design. This device also allows users to experience low bandwidth conditions, which is ideal for areas with full telecommunications infrastructure.

The AVer EVC900 breaks the communication barrier with Skype For Business, H.323 and SIP connectivity solutions

The AVer EVC900 is capable of connecting to Skype For Business

In order to provide businesses and organizations with the best budget video conferencing solution, AVer has adopted Skype For Business into its multi-point offerings, including the AVer EVC900. Having a high-quality video conferencing experience, while saving money, is what businesses want.

The AVer EVC900 integrates 10 point MCU

The AVer EVC900 integrates 10 point MCU

Our EVC900 supports conferencing of up to 10 different locations at full HD1080p resolution. This is the ideal video conferencing solution for those who want to start the conference today.

AVer EVC900 Optical Zoom PTZ 16X Camera

AVer EVC900 Optical Zoom PTZ 16X Camera

The AVer EVC900's impressive full-HD PTZ camera with 16x optical zoom with +/- 100 ° and +/- 25 ° tilting angle ensures the best view of the participants in the largest conference room. .

Voice Activated Layout Switch

AVer EVC900 features PTZ 16X optical zoom lens

The Voice Activated Layout Switch makes the sound in the conference more natural by making the speaker sound clearer and avoiding the problem of unknowingly interrupting participants.

One-Touch Recording

One-Touch Recording with AVer EVC900

Record the process of conferencing - video, audio, and shared content - directly to a USB flash drive, making it a video archive to avoid loss of information after the meeting. Playback records meetings using this AVer videoconferencing system or on your PC or laptop using the VCPlayer AVer software.

SIP Server & Registrar

The AVer EVC900 provides conferencing for up to 10 different locations and enables AVer and other SIP-based systems, applications, and software to communicate. This is the ideal solution for businesses wanting to experience video conferencing on a cost-effective device.

The AVer EVC900 lets you connect anywhere and anytime

The AVer EVC900 lets you connect anywhere and anytime

Download AVer's EZMeetup mobile software to enjoy video conferencing on your PC, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. Enjoy clear picture and sound with the EVC900 to ensure that important people can attend important conferences wherever they are.


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