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AVer EVC150 | Online video conferencing equipment

AVer EVC150 is a professional video conferencing equipment for meeting rooms of 20 or more participants. Camera PTZ Zoom up to 18X.

The AVer EVC150 is one of the latest AVer endpoint conferencing solutions. With a compact, luxurious design, users can move flexible, suitable for many meeting space and meeting hall.

AVER EVC150 - Professional video conferencing equipment

The AVer EVC150 has an 18X zoom PTZ camera

AVer EVC150 is a professional video conferencing equipment for meeting rooms of 20 or more participants. Better than the AVer EVC130 and AVer EVC130P models, the camera boasts up to 18X, 72mm (H), 43 degrees (V) and 82 degrees (diagonal) for 18X, 2 megapixel CMOS / FOV. Clear picture throughout the meeting room, supporting up to 100 image locations during the meeting. The smart camera will recognize the gestures, faces of each person in the meeting.

 The AVer EVC150 camera supports 100 presets

This device provides up to 4-way EVC microphone upgrade, supporting upgrades up to 4 microseconds for efficient and extended audio transmission.

 The AVer EVC150  supports simultaneous 4 Mics connections

The EVC Microphone is a high-end conference microphone, high-definition audio receiver and playback, and powerful noise cancellation. While sitting away from the microphone, the sound of the meeting can be heard very clearly. The sophisticated audio processing technology allows for the best recording of maximum noise filtering.

The EVC150 works well with SIP and H.323 protocols. Transmit and receive smoother signal even if the network is limited, reduce the packet loss. Full HD 1080p video resolution and HDMI output. With the slideshow content, the image output up to HD 720p at 30fps. The product for 2-in-1 display with high quality video and content display (01 HDMI, 02 VGA) makes it easy to share meeting documents.

 Users of the AVer EVC150 can be configured remotely

Configure the system remotely via Webtool, and automatically turn on the device via LAN with Wake on Lan. Users can control and turn on and off the device remotely via LAN connection. In addition, the AVer EVC150 features conference storage, screen capture, web-based administration, 22 languages ​​support, SIP Server & Registrar integration. New Microphone technology filters noises, blocks echoes and minimizes noise.

Nowadays, agencies and businesses do not need to spend more money because there are already AVer video conferencing solutions. This product is a great revolution in the job for many different professions and fields. The benefits of this device are suitable for every industry ranging from healthcare, education, economics, commercial services, science and more. By using video television equipment, companies can save more money and time. The money and time saved can be used to do more real work for their development.

Handling the remote job in the most efficient, fastest and face-to-face manner is one of the benefits that video conferencing brings to businesses. Critical issues are processed and implemented faster, more accurate, and more intuitive to improve trust between staff and leaders. The teleworker can do the job, attend meetings anywhere and everywhere in a simple and effective way.

Not only the AVer EVC150, but all other AVer videoconferencing devices, it also allows for easy meeting and review storage, document sharing in the most intuitive meeting, remote connection between multiple people With each other, and more benefits are for agencies and businesses.


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