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AVer EVC130P | AVer video conferencing equipment

The AVer EVC130P is enhanced with 16X optical zoom, video quality and Full HD 1080p video clarity, honesty and vibrancy. This is good for small and medium businesses.

Can the AVer EVC130P be a worthy upgrade from AVer's EVC130 video conferencing product line? Please analyze with us.

AVer EVC130P video conferencing

AVer is one of the leading technology manufacturers in Taiwan with quite consistent startup schedule. After the AVer EVC130 videoconferencing device was launched and received much support from businesses and organizations around the world, AVer decided to upgrade the system to a higher level and named EVC130P. With the model not much different from the previous model, the upgraded camera with higher zoom, better video and image quality has made the EVC130P the ideal 2-way video conferencing solution for the user. . Especially, with reasonable price, this product is the best choice for small and medium enterprises.

Design of the AVer EVC130P

 The design of the AVer EVC130P videoconferencing kit

♦  Size: Both the AVer EVC130P and the EVC130 include the following main components: codec, camera, multi-directional microphone, remote and power cable. In terms of size, this new product has a larger camera with 122.3 x 122.3 x 159.5 mm. Thus, the total weight is 4.32kg, while EVC130 only 3.7kg. However, this difference is not worth the price because AVer's criteria is to create a small, compact and lightweight line that makes it easy to navigate anywhere, even on the plane.

Camera: This is the factor that users consider most before building video conferencing system with AVer EVC130P.

For the first time, AVer has adopted optical zoom technology for this new model. In addition, the camera's up to 16X zoom capability gives participants a completely different experience than previous products. Full HD1080p video clarity and video clarity, honesty and more vivid. Why? Let's learn a little about this type of optical zoom camera offline.

Optical zoom is also known as "true zoom" because it has the ability to zoom in on an object anywhere from two to 24 times its actual size. The main purpose of designing a camera with optical zoom is to help eliminate unwanted backgrounds in the meeting room and to display clear images when participants sit in remote locations.

Optical zoom does not reduce the resolution when zooming in on an image. With the AVer's EVC130 digital zoom, the camera will crop images on the sensor - reducing the number of pixels that make up the image. This reduces the quality of photos and videos. Optical zoom does not affect image quality because it uses glass elements inside the lens to bring a closer image to full resolution.

And here's the picture:

Optical camera with up to 16x optical zoom of AVer EVC130P

However, considering the angle of rotation, this AVer videoconferencing device has a smaller rotational angle of only 67 degrees, while the EVC130 is 88 degrees. Therefore, depending on the number of participants in the meeting room, businesses and organizations select the appropriate solution.

Support features of the AVer EVC130P

• Make a point-to-point call with another H.323 or SIP conferencing system

• Supports full content sharing (send and receive) at 30 fps, sending content by VGA or IP.

• Support dual monitors via HDMI and VGA

• Supports CIF (352x240) video calls to Full HD video (1920x1080 30fps)

• The multi-way microphone captures much better sound than it offers the competition

• 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet; Video bandwidth from 128Kbps to 4Mbps

• Supports IPv4 / IPv6 and Wake-on-LAN (WOL)

• User-friendly display, support up to 20 languages

• Support for downloading phone contacts, uploading and editing

• Call history of received, dialed and missed calls, which allows you to save directly to your favorite call list.

• Gatekeeper H.460 support for NAT and trAVersal firewall

• Broadband support G.722.1 C *

• Infrared remote control (IR) with power button; The system supports the remote API to integrate AV

• Secure communication using 128bit AES encryption

Thank you for choosing EVC-Series - a line of online video conferencing solutions at affordable prices.

EVC-Series gives you the latest technology; Thin form factor, flexible integration options and backward compatibility with most other video conferencing platforms. It makes any business meetings and special events more reliable, efficient and secure.


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