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AVer EVC130 | AVer video conferencing

The AVer EVC130 fully meets all the criteria of a point-to-point system such as real-time video transmission, reducing latency to a minimum. Full HD 1080p video
► Do you need a conferencing device that connects 2 sites?

► Do you need a solution with the lowest cost?

► Do you need a modern meeting room for around 20 people?

AVer EVC130 was born for you.

 AVer EVC130 is the cheapest videoconferencing device

After years of research into online technology, AVer has launched a line of high-end, affordable, high-end products for small and medium businesses - the AVer EVC130. Much improved on previous HVC models, the EVC series offers users greater realism, lower latency, and better performance than ever before.

The AVer EVC130 includes the following components:

• Codec processor with dimensions of 260 x 158.7 x 33 mm

• eCam Focus camera (137.7 x 122.3 x 130 mm)

• EVC multi-directional microphone (131.9 x 118.6 x 25.5 mm)

• Power adapter

• Cable connection

* Weight of package is 3.7kg (8.15lbs)

AVER EVC130 - Perfect Video Conferencing Solution

Natural experience

As we know, before the technology was born, it seemed that human beings had to spend a lot of time and money to have a face-to-face meeting. The transmission of information via email, through calls made the information misleading and time-consuming business decisions are prolonged. Therefore, when the online meeting device was born, it was well received. However, what makes users anxious is whether the dialogue through the display has a real feel?

With the AVer EVC130, ever before has the user experienced such a natural video conferencing system. The codecs are engineered to deliver up to Full HD 1080p video at up to 30 frames per second, as well as share files, images, visuals and more at the HD720p at. speed 30 frame / seconds.

 AVer EVC130 has Full HD 1080p video resolution

Wide angle camera

 The AVer EVC130 has a wide angle camera up to 88 degrees

With a wide angle of up to 88 degrees, this is the ideal solution for large meeting rooms with a participation of about 20 people. However, the zoom of this camera is only 4X digital zoom, so the image when zoomed will not be as sharp as the other optical zoom line.

New array microphone technology

Sophisticated audio processing technology used in the omnidirectional microphone and AVer EVC130's all-new HD decoder, such as advanced noise reduction, auto-gain control and echo cancellation, produces sound. The vivid live bar that other AVer videoconferencing devices have never had. From there, participants are able to receive information that is conveyed from anywhere in their entirety.


For those who do not regularly attend important meetings, or businesses or recruiting new employees, data storage is the most desirable. Just plug the USB directly into the codec so you can record all that the meeting is taking place. Then, you can directly watch the EVC130 or Aver VCPlayer software on your computer (Aver Free Software).

Advanced network recovery technology

The lost network congestion recovery mechanism of this video conferencing product will ensure smooth video and audio streaming by adjusting the call bandwidth and resolution, providing users with the best possible experience. at any time.

Easy remote access

 Users can access the AVer EVC130 remotely easily

Users can access the EVC130 remotely and troubleshoot in real time using WebTool, the web-based management platform of AVer. You can also use Wake-on-LAN (WOL) to control the EVC130 over a local area network, or Telnet to integrate the EVC130 with an audio device over a LAN or the Internet.

The AVer EVC130 has improved specifications such as:

• Connect to devices with H.323 or SIP protocol

• Supports content sharing (sending and receiving) at 30fps, sending content from VGA or IP

• Support dual monitors via HDMI and VGA

• CIF (352x240) support up to Full HD (1920x1080 30fps)

• 88 degree ultra-wide angle eCam camera with low lux 2 Mpx

• Include a multi-dimensional microphone, sound much better than other competitors

• 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet; Video bandwidth from 128Kbps to 4Mbps

• Supports IPv4 / IPv6 and Wake-on-LAN (WOL)

• User friendly screen operation, supporting up to 20 languages

• Support to download, upload and edit contacts

• Call history retrieved, put and missed calls, allow to directly save it to your favorite call list.

• H.460 Gatekeeper support for NAT and firewall traversal

• Broadband support G.722.1 C *

• IR remote control with power button; Remote API support for AV integration

• Secure communications using 128bit AES encryption


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