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Avaya Scopia XT4200 | Bao An Telecom

Avaya Scopia XT4200 with dual video resolution and 720p / 60fps content, dual display support, HD audio, H.264 High Profile with a wide angle PTZ camera.


The Avaya Scopia XT4200 is a value-for-money video conferencing device and efficient investment budget designed specifically for small and medium meeting rooms as well as non-subscribers. Advanced meeting room. The performance of this new line of products is extremely powerful and includes many of the features often found in expensive branded costly upgrades.

 Video conferencing with Avaya scopia XT4200

The Scopia XT4200 is fully equipped with dual video resolution and 720p / 60fps content, dual display support, HD audio, H.264 High Profile and expandable video encoding (SVC) along with a camera. PTZ wide viewing angle. The user interface is designed for simplicity along with optional Multi-Touch controls via the Apple iPad to enhance interoperability.

This is a videoconferencing solution that is naturally incorporated into today's businesses with a simplified user interface and modern design to complement any meeting room.

Avaya Scopia XT4200 - Video slideshow and Full HD video

Avaya Scopia XT4200 delivers high-performance Full HD resolution with H.264 High Profile technology for bandwidth efficiency and H.264 SVC for high quality video even in unpredictable network environments.

This Avaya video conferencing device also offers 1080p video directly on HD with speeds up to 60fps and HD content, HD audio.

Intuitive and easy to use

Avaya Scopia XT4200 was created to meet the needs of all customers. It provides instant, intuitive and effective meeting control that does not require much training. With the support of Microsoft Exchange calendar, users can join the meeting directly from the meeting scheduler integrated in the system. The list of advanced participants on the screen allows the leader to meet in full.

In addition, the user also has the option of Apple iPad Multi-Touch. Scopia Control is an application of Apple iPad to control Avaya video conferencing equipment. Very intuitive user interface virtually eliminates the difficulty of a video conferencing system. Simple meeting room control and meeting moderated through iPad Multi-Touch user interface.

 Avaya Scopia XT4200 supports two screens

Online Meeting Solutions

The Scopia XT4200 is an essential addition to Avaya's video conferencing and collaboration solutions, including the Scopia XT Executive 240, Scopia Desktop and Scopia Mobile desktop users. Scopia Elite provides multi-point communication and management software Scopia Management. The XT4200 also offers integration with Avaya's UC solutions and other brands.

The Radision Scopia XT4200 includes:

- Radvision Scopia XT4200 codec
- Camera PTZ
- Multi-directional microphone
- Remote controller
- Cable


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