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INNOTRIK USB | Bao An Telecom

The Innotrik Auctopus-usb is a compact mobile conference phone designed to make group or small group conferences via PC, mobile phone or tablet.

USB conference phone

The Innotrik Auctopus-usb is a compact mobility conferencing device designed for corporate unified communications to make small group or group meetings via PC, cell phone or tablet. Created for business professionals who need flexible conference solutions and those who require exceptional design, excellent audio conferencing and user-friendly features.

Uses USB interface to connect computer to play audio, compatible with all software based video conferencing, providing high quality audio solution for conference based phone.


 Conference phone Autopus-usb I-20


Autopus-usb I-20 is easy to carry, the ideal choice for video conferencing, can be connected to mobile phones.

Built-in echo cancellation kit, smart microphone selection function, technonoly sound prettification, high quality audio output


  • Maximum ability to cancel 256 resonators
  • Speaker with 12dB volume control function automatically.
  • Max 18Db controls the level of human voice automatically Intelligent noise canceling to 16Db
  • Applying Digital EQ makes the output sound more stable
  • Echo cancels nonlinearity to reduce resonance


 Phone conference auctopus-usb vtx

Innotrik conferencing solution for incredible audio quality, the ideal choice for large meeting rooms.

The sound transmitted from the room via the telephone can be extended by local speakers. This type is suitable for 60 ~ 120 meeting rooms square meters.

Four types of INNOTRIK USB conference phones for customers to choose from:

  • AUCTOPUS-USB I-20 ---- USB and audio input / output, can be connected to mobile
  • AUCTOPUS-NON-EX USB, display ---- LCD, not microphone extension
  • AUCTOPUS-USB EX, display ---- LCD, 2 microphones expand
  • AUCTOPUS-USB VTX, display ---- LCD, 2 microphones expandable, 1 external speakers

Characteristics of the USB series conference phone:

  • Portable, easy to operate, USB plug and play interface, no need to add drivers, support MS XP / Vista / WIN 7 / WIN 8, etc., operating system.
  • Support for web video conferencing, video conferencing software, and some other IM communication software (Skype, MSM, etc.) by connecting USB to a computer.
  • Built-in echo cancellation, high-quality audio speakers, microphone with high-automatic control function, allows conference participants to talk for free.
  • Microphone extension and external speakers are optional, each device has 120 square meters coverage.


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