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Conference phone Innotrik auctopus meet easy operation, USB plug and play interface, high quality speaker sound, can expand 2 micro.

MEET CONFERENCE PHONE - Professional conference phone solution

Key features of the Auctopus Meet

A sample audio bridge between analog phone and PC applications, a telephone service that combines PSTN audio and computer data, provides quality assurance for multi-party calls.

Auctopus meet has a USB interface to connect the computer, can meet all the requirements of the video conference software-based, specific buttons to select the microphone.

Superior sound quality, ideal for large conference rooms.

Two types of MEET type bridge conferencing options for customers

 Conference phone innotrik auctopus meet

AUCTOPUS-MEET NON-EX, display ---- LCD, not expandable microphone, can integrate with PSTN

AUCTOPUS-MEET EX, display ---- LCD, 2 microphones expandable, can integrate with PSTN

Features of MEET conference bridges

  • Portable, easy to operate, USB plug and play interface, no need to add drivers, support MS XP / Vista / WIN 7 / WIN 8, etc., operating system.
  • A combination of video conferencing and audio conferencing, recognizes three congressional parties.
  • Built-in echo cancellation, high-quality audio speakers, microphone with high-automatic control function, allows conference participants to talk for free.
  • Microphone extension for the option to expand the microphone pickup range, each device has covered 90 square meters.


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