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support high quality
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Conference equipment

Professional video, support

HD 720 p/60fps


Conference equipment
standard of Full HD 1080p

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Reviews of customers

"We often have to fly from Thailand to Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh to go ramp nearly 10 hours to get to An Giang Province. Since this system, we actually save a lot of time "

Mr. Cuong, CEO-Oriental Garment Viet Nam

"I am interested in the issue of costs. From when the online meeting system installation costs of our meetings has been cut in half. Only a year is we have to get back the capital "
Mr. Sheng, Financial Director-Hospital Medilatec

"Often have to fly from Saigon-Hanoi and the long trip made me really tired, now I just sit in the Office, turn the device up is can chat meetings with remote partners. I just left the Office when really needed "

Ms. Chi, Director of the Saigon joint stock co.


About Vina-Sanwa Vina-Sanwa started operations in Vietnam in 2008. Vina-Sanwa is an official part of Sanwa Holdings, one of the world's leading man


The videoconferencing market has been heating up ever since, with news of Aver's Day taking place at the New World Hotel on May 12. This is consider


Online conference equipment is changing the way we communicate. This useful solution helps to work efficiently, save and build faster business coopera




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